Effective Christmas SEO Tips To Know

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Effective Christmas SEO Tips To Know

For some business, their best yearly profits may be coming in during festive seasons such as Christmas. That’s why when it comes to your Christmas SEO strategy, it is pertinent that you ensure that everything is prepped and planned in time. Here are some useful Christmas SEO tips to get you started:

Schema Markup

How is your Christmas SEO strategy faring against your competitors? Did you know that simply telling search engines what your content is, is not enough? You need to tell them what your data means. You can use schema markups for this task. They are designed to allow potential visitors to see more information on SERPs. If you have certain products, events, or services to push during the holidays, schema markup is the way to go. Make sure that you also conduct concise keyword research and write quality content.

Google Answer Box

Google’s Answer Boxes are accredited with contributing nearly 33% of clicks. Getting your business featured on those boxes will prove to be valuable because it helps build trust and increase one’s site visibility. So, start riding on the build-up to Christmas so that you can receive a higher click-through rate. Don’t forget to find out the common types of questions that people might ask about the services or products you are selling. You will want to answer those queries on your website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Also known as AMP, these special web pages are designed for mobile browsing. They load faster than your usual mobile-optimized sites. You should keep in mind that website visitors tend to abandon a web page after waiting approximately three seconds for it load. As an increasing number of individuals are spending time on their phones, the quicker your site can load, the better your visitors’ experiences.

Revamp Old Content

If you have set up Google Analytics for your website, check your pages’ ranking from past Christmas. It helps you determine which Christmas SEO practices to carry forward as well as the areas that require improvement. Sometimes you may find content from a certain blog post, which you no longer want or expect people to visit, ranking highly in Google’s books. If that’s the case, you can implement pieces of such content to your current works.

Detailed Content and Creative Keywords

In today’s time, one must include their USPs in their pages’ meta-descriptions if he or she wants to get noticed. Christmas is the season of delivery and many individuals are suckers for deals during this festive season. If you are offering free deliveries for purchases that hit a certain amount, make sure you feature this offer in your meta-description, to leverage traffic and ranking opportunities. You can even push your offers to your main social media platforms. Keywords still possess significant importance in SEO and you should use them creatively to make a greater impact.

Voice Search

Voice search capabilities are an emerging force within the digital marketing niche. This is possible due to mobile devices being widely used across the world and are becoming more advanced. Google’s Alexa and Amazon’s Echo are two popular technologies that are fast replacing simple voice recognition. Hence, it is crucial that you start including this search technology in your SEO strategy before Christmas. You may use colloquial terms and conversational phrases to target potential visitors using voice search.