Why an Effective Call-To-Action Matters

Elizabeth Reyn

Having a call-to-action (CTA) is extremely important for marketing your business’s products or services. A CTA prompts a quick response, with a banner, button, or any sort of sign getting users to click on the important buying pages. Without a prominent CTA, visitors are stuck navigating aimlessly around your website before eventually giving up.

Imagine that you are directly telling someone about your business. In addition to telling them all that your business has to offer, you want to emphasize in your statement that by taking action now, this person will get the most out of your quality products and services. Being persuasive with your CTA  on your website lets visitors know that there is promise of value behind the banner or button.

In order to avoid your readers abandoning your page before they see your CTA, you should be mindful of where your CTA is located on your page. A CTA should be the boldest and loudest aspect of your page without it looking like a pop-up ad (because this will also turn visitors off). It should ideally be located on the top of your pages so visitors can see it clearly and be enticed by the urgency of the action.

Some popular CTAs that businesses use include:

Click Here For More Information

Buy Now

Learn More

Visit a Store Today

Donate Now