The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Blogging

Elizabeth Reyn

So you’re thinking about starting a blog for your business. That’s awesome…if you know what you want to write about…

Incorporating a blog to post anything related to your business is a great way to increase traffic to your website. The internet can never get enough original and well-written content. There is no overabundance of fresh things to say, especially when it comes to the unique products or services you offer on your website.

But hold on…before you buy the fancy computer that’s going to house all of your best ideas and get ready to sit down for hours at a time, you need to know a thing or two about what you should and shouldn’t do when blogging for your business. Refer to the Do’s and Don’ts below to help you get started.

Do blog about any upcoming events related to your business. If you run a real estate website in a particular area, write a blogpost about any happenings going on in that area and how they might pertain to the housing market.

Do link your content to social media. It’s not enough that your blog is on your website alone; otherwise how will it be seen by a wider audience?  Linking to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter will target a readership outside of your social network and help generate traffic to your website.

Do incorporate personality into your blog. Have a sense of humor? Bring it to your words. An anecdote that you think would resonate with your target audience? You can entertain as well as inform. Having an interesting blog will keep your target audience engaged and will make them more willing to keep following your blog and your website.

Don’t post irrelevant photos. Whether you’re using stock images or original images, make sure your photos have something to do with your blogpost. If you’re posting pictures of products being sold, ensure that they are clear and accurately represent the product before putting them on your website.

Don’t ramble in long paragraphs. Even if your blogpost is completely business-related, visitors will not want to stay on a post with words filling up every available space. Separate out your sentences into small paragraphs, so the content looks skim and readable.

Don’t get too personal with your life on your business blog. Remember that people outside of your family and friends will be reading this. Your current boss or perhaps a future employer will probably come across this blog, so no bashing your job or co-workers no matter how intolerable they are.

Now that you have read this list, go ahead, buy your computer, write, and watch your business thrive.