Secrets Behind Running Facebook Ads Effectively

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Secrets Behind Running Facebook Ads Effectively

Facebook ads account for a significant portion of global mobile digital advertising and digital ad spending. The popular social platform is so successful because of its unparalleled targeting capabilities. Today, there are still no other paid advertising platforms that allow marketers to target messages to very specific demographics. Due to great targeting power and a huge range of ad options, these elements can make it tough for new marketers to get started. That’s why it is important to not use Facebook advertising aimlessly. Below are some tips to help steer you on the right track:

Optimize Your Images for Facebook

One of the struggles with setting up ad campaigns involves images. If one uploads the incorrect-sized image, it can cause the ad to display strangely. It is important to note that unoptimized images can affect engagement rates. That’s why it is better to stich to the list of ideal image resolutions provided by Facebook.

In addition to size, the chosen images must be attractive. No one will look at an image twice if it is distorted or is irrelevant to the product or service that’s being advertised. The latter happens because some advertisers just want to use eye-catching graphics to get clicks. A better alternative is to use relevant images while featuring colors that naturally contrast with Facebook’s blue and white color scheme.

Avoid Featuring Large Blocks of Uninterrupted Text

Congratulations! Your design team has put together a killer image. Next, you inserted a customer’s testimonial to increase credibility before queuing it into your ads campaign. Bad news; Facebook rejected the ad because of its ad text rule. Is this familiar to you? Today, text-heavy images no longer work and they tend to suffer diminished distribution. That’s why one should save time by keeping text to a minimum from the get-go.

Get Straight to the Point

Let’s face it; business owners advertise on Facebook to make a profit. In order to do that, one must be able to capture the attention of his or her target audience and convince them to take an action that has been specified. This is a job for your ad’s call-to-action (CTA). Remember that ad copies are designed to sell the click-through, not the service or product. One does not need to feature a long-winded explanation of outcomes, benefits, and features. Instead, focus on creating sufficient intrigue so that visitors click through for more information. It is recommended that one uses 18 words for link descriptions and 14 words for ad post text.

Use the Correct Ad Format

For newbie Facebook advertisers, they may not be familiar with the correct ad formats to use for specific campaigns. Novice Facebook advertisers, on the other hand, may be running ads for some time but did not stop to analyze the effectiveness of their chosen ad formats. It is important to note that Facebook releases new ad formats all the time. One should evaluate the platform’s ad types carefully and choose the one that best suits his or her goals and audience. The Canvas ad format is one of the latest releases. It allows advertisers to launch full-screen rich media assets in the same page.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t forget to set and track your metrics! From new page likes to post-level engagement, metrics can inform advertisers if Facebook ads are working for their brands. Other important metrics include lead generation, on-site sales, website click-throughs, and email opt-ins. Ultimately, one needs to have clear goals in mind. In addition, the goals must be specific. For example, to gain 150 new page likes per month. Next, check in regularly to ensure that your budget is being utilized wisely.