Don’t Let Facebook Ad Rejections Get You Down

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Don’t Let Facebook Ad Rejections Get You Down

When it comes to PPC advertising, using running a Facebook ad might be just the solution that helps get your product or service heard. However, you may encounter a situation where your ads get rejected. If that happens, what should you do? Read on to find out more!

What Can Get Your Facebook Ads Rejected?

  • Directly or indirectly indicating personal attributes

If your Facebook ad content implies personal attributes directly or indirectly, you are making a major mistake. There many different attributes that require a cautious approach. They include membership to a trade union, criminal records, financial statuses, medical conditions, disabilities, gender identities, sexual orientation, age, beliefs, religion, race, person’s real name, and more.

  • Citing Facebook incorrectly

Facebook is pretty particular on how you mention their name in your ads. It has certain rules surround this matter. For example, you must use a capital F when you write its name. In addition, you are required to use the same font style and size as the surrounding text. Some advertisers make the mistake of using the logo in place of the word, using abbreviations, or even making it plural.

  • Posting age restricted content

You can get your ads disapproved if your landing page or ad content promotes material to an audience that the social media platform deems to be too young. The no-noes include student loan services, supplements, gambling, alcohol, etc. If your business actually provides such services, you need to make sure the age targeting is appropriate, or else it is a no go!

  • Not paying attention to general restricted content

Pay attention to what’s restricted within the Facebook advertising world. Today, it is important for business owners to be aware of local laws in the areas they are targeting, special permissions to advertise, as well as the age of your target audience. Next, closely watched categories include political advertising, student loan services, branded content, financial services, subscription services, online pharmacies, state lotteries, gambling, dating, and alcohol.

  • Excessive use of text in images

Facebook typically prefers visual content that features minimal text. It is recommended that you save the ad copy for the headline or text section of your ad. They should not be included in the video or image itself. Next, another important rule to follow is to avoid placing text that covers over 20% of the image. These rules are in place because Facebook believes that images without text are much more engaging to its users, which equates to higher quality content. For this matter, you can consider using the Facebook Text Overlay Tool. It allows you to check your image for text percentage.

Understanding the Facebook Ad Review Process

So, how does Facebook deem an ad is appropriate for its users? It has a review process that checks your ads’ landing page content, positioning, targeting, text, and image. Facebook will disapprove your ad if you fail to comply with their advertising policies, the actual ad does not match the product or service in your ad, or your landing page is broken. can still be disapproved.

What You Can Do for Rejected Facebook Ads

Believe us, we understand the pain you may be going through when your ads get rejected. But fear not. There is always a solution to the problem you may be facing. If your ads have been disapproved, here are some things to try:

  • Appeals submission: If you are sure that your ads meet stipulated policies but keeps getting rejected, consider submitting an appeal to Facebook. Provide clear reason(s) why you think the ad is fine. Do be patient because this route takes some time to be reviewed.
  • Republish your ad: Pay attention to what Facebook says when they reject your ad. They generally give a reason as to why. If that reason sounds reasonable and is easy to fix, simply make the necessary amendments and republish the ad!
  • Recreate: Sometimes Facebook’s algorithms can wrongly flag ads. Similar to the above solution, recreating the ad again is the quickest solution when you know that your ad is adhering to policies.
  • Peruse Facebook’s advertising policies: What happens if all else fails? Don’t give up. Take some time to go through the Facebook’s advertising policies to ensure you are abiding by the policy.