Don’t Give Up On Twitter Ads!

Twitter ads

What type of PPC campaigns have you launched so far? Are you currently advertising on Facebook? Whether you are using Bing Ads or Google AdWords, these advertising platforms can perform fantastically well. But what about Twitter? Have you been neglecting its potential? Let’s find out why you shouldn’t give up on Twitter ads!

Decent CPC

For the Twitter ads, the cost per click is usually based on the auction. As an advertiser, you will quickly find out that life on this platform is pretty affordable. Thanks to the lack of advertising competition! Twitter’s greatest weakness, i.e. having a smaller reach than Facebook, has become its greatest strength! If you own a business in industries such as politics, technology, entertainment, and news, and you would like to advertise at a fraction of the usual costs, then Twitter engagement is of utmost importance. Just like how you should not give up on Twitter advertising, you should not give up on Facebook Ads and Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) as well. These advertising outlets are also stellar for converting brand affinity into qualified leads and even sales!

Custom Audiences

Twitter ads allow you target every Twitter user who tracks certain accounts. What do you need to do? For starters, you can use a trusted analytics tool to download a list of followers from a certain Twitter account. Next, you simply create your own tailored audience. They will be targeted with your ads. Unlike Facebook’s tailored audiences, you will need to have the phone numbers or email addresses of the followers you want to reach, for it to work. That can be a huge obstacle to climb over. On Twitter, the requirements bar is significantly lower. You only need a Twitter user’s “handle” for your promoted tweets to work their magic.

Tweet Engager Feature

Tweet engager targeting is a stellar way to reach an audience. You can remarket to users who have recently engaged with your tweet or viewed it. Like a diamond in the rough, Twitter advertising allows you to find the Top 1% of your most engaged users. You will be able to enjoy high engagement rates without burning a hole in your pocket. What about Facebook? Yes, they have a similar tool, i.e. an invite button designed to allow advertisers to invite people who engaged with their posts, and  to like your page.

Targeted Keywords

Users who have demonstrated intent on Twitter can chased after via keyword targeting. You can target individuals who have utilized a certain hashtag or word in their Twitter updates in the last seven days. Alternatively, it could be users who have engaged with tweets comprising those words. Why does this make Twitter stand out once again? You see, Facebook does not allow advertisers to target by keywords. They only offer topic targeting. It means that you can only go after users who are interested in a certain topic. So, if you want to avoid having to tweet to everybody and only target users who are engaged with that specific topic, advertising on Twitter is still the way to go.