Do You Know What Your Social Media Audience Want?

social media audience

Something that many business owners want to prevent is the scenario where their social media reach declines. The reason: audience finds their content boring. Having an engaged audience is a critical component to success. In today’s world of information overload, how do you catch and hold the attention of your audience? In most cases, you just need to focus on the five following content types:

Content Type A: Your Responses to the Latest Industry News

Is there any breaking news in your industry? Chances are your audience will want to know how you feel about breaking news events and major industry changes. If you want to see your user engagement improve, you need to share your response to these news events.

After all, many individuals love to have the chance to share their opinions. If you start the ball rolling, and the content captures their interest, you will be able to maintain meaningful discussions with your audience. Although we used breaking news as an example, it does not necessarily need to be that. You can also share your responses to updates, analyses, and reports from industry leaders.

Content Type B: Recaps of Recent Social Causes

It is a good practice to share company news on your social media accounts. But what’s more interesting is your involvement in social causes. Oftentimes, your audience or fans would like to know more about the backstory behind your brand, the activities your staff members do outside of the office, and more. Sharing such information helps humanize your brand. So, start creating posts that allow your audience to get to know the people behind your brand better.

Content Type C: Credible Studies and Research

It is understandable that you have certain beliefs and claims. However, you need proof to back them up. Proof comes in the form of official research, studies, and statistics. Let’s say that you are a company that sells solar panels. It is recommended that you create and publish a research post that explains how the solar panel systems help your customers save money on energy bills. A post like this is also likely to be shared more.

Content Type D: Attractive Infographic Designs

Apart from statistics, everyone loves great visual content too. Infographic designs marry these two elements in a bite-size format. It has been proven that well-done infographics are more likely to be read than a wordy article. What’s more, infographic designs can be easily shared on social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Content Type E: Lists

Just like infographics, lists are another type of content that is easy to digest. In today’s fast-paced society, people barely have time to breathe (fine, that’s an exaggeration but you get the point). You should aim to create a simple, easy-to-scan post. For example, a listicle. This way, members of your target audience can take the information they are specifically looking for and leave. There is no longer the need to skim through walls of text to search for information. Fact: most social media users have short attention spans. Posting lists is the way to go!

Make It Count

Social media exists in a highly competitive landscape. It is important that you make your message count by sharing posts that your audience wants. Social media users love listicles, research, infographics, responses to industry news, and your social causes. These engaging posts will grab the attention of your audience. Attention and engagement are valuable commodities in the business world.