Design Elements That Improve Website Quality

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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Businesses today heavily depend on online presence, and this is something to take advantage of to stay ahead of competition. Having an online presence guarantees an audience all around the world, but you also have the option to limit it to certain geographical locations. Either way, it takes work to ensure that the website works as it should. This boils down to ensuring that the design elements of the website are optimized for the sake of your visitors. Some of the elements that you should include to improve website quality:  

Optimizing Design Elements to Improve Website Quality


It might seem like a minor issue, but the type of font you use in website design can influence website quality. This is the first thing that any visitor to the site will notice when they are directed to your website. In order to improve website quality, the fonts used should be easily readable, and the font type should be in line with the type of business you are promoting. For instance, a website meant for an audience comprising mostly of children, you could opt for a fun but easily readable font. This would not work in a finance-oriented website, which would do better with a more formal font.

Fonts should also be used to separate the different parts of the website. An introduction, for instance, could be bold so that it catches the attention of the reader. RSS blog feeds could have a lighter font.

Social Buttons

The use of social buttons on a website makes it easier for people to share the site and its content with their followers. This is a good way of boosting traffic to the site. The social media buttons should be easy to find and should represent the popular social media platforms that are most likely to be associated with your website. If the content of your site is unlikely to benefit from a presence on Instagram, for instance, having an Instagram button on the site might not make sense. The social media buttons should not only be easy to find but neat as well. They should not clutter up the space.  

Mobile Quality

An increasing number of people access the Internet using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. If the site isn’t optimized for these devices, web pages are likely not to render properly on mobile devices, and this will reduce the traffic through your website. You can resolve this issue by making one desktop and one mobile version of the site, offering the same information. Alternatively, you can use the more complex route of designing one website in such a manner that it will still render well and be usable when viewed using a mobile device. This may require a bit more work compared to simply developing a website for desktop viewing, but it will definitely pay off.

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