CNS Confectionery Embarks On A New Phase With An Eye-Catching Shopify Website

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Assistant Director of Content

Shopify website

SmartSites is proud to announce that CNS Confectionery has launched their Shopify website, ready to take on business with their brand-new image. Previously, the baked goods ingredient retailer was making use of a non-ecommerce website build that was not optimized for their needs. The old website also had an outdated look and needed updating to attract customers. 

CNS Confectionery Products is a family-run business established in 1995, and they specialize in coconut-based baking ingredients. Run by a family of bakers and chefs, the team is committed to providing their customers with top-quality ingredients they can use in their own kitchens, bakeries and stores. As direct importers of premium coconut ingredients from the Philippines, their coconut products are processed daily, and inventory is tracked in their warehouse.

As a retailer specializing in a niche product, the team at CNS Confectionery was aware that to position themselves in an advantageous position, they would have to completely revamp their online presence. With the help of SmartSites, they were able to launch a website catered towards the needs of small businesses, improving on the outdated version of their old website. This includes a Shopify website build that is conducive to ecommerce, the use of eye-catching graphics to elevate their brand, and a mobile-friendly website. Below, we take a closer look at each of the elements that went into building their new and improved website.

Custom Shopify Website Build Catered Towards Ecommerce

By utilizing custom web development on Shopify, CNS Confectionery was able to achieve their goal of making their online presence more ecommerce-friendly. As their previous website was based on Wix and non-ecommerce in nature, this presented several challenges when it came to attracting and retaining customers.

With a customized website that makes use of enticing graphics and animation to convey the impression they wish their business to, an engaging customer experience is ensured. The themes, colors and fonts chosen to invoke a fun tropical feel that that fits in with the products offered by CNS Confectionery. Ease of navigation is another huge plus point with a custom Shopify website build.

Updated Website

When it comes to a successful online presence, web design is of the utmost importance. An outdated website not only makes use of designs that are no longer deemed eye-catching but is very often not optimized for mobile viewing. As a large percentage of customers browse on their phones and tablet devices, mobile optimization is something that CNS Confectionery wanted to focus on. To this end, their new website is completely mobile-friendly. An engaging viewing experience is ensured with animations rolling out images and information as users scroll down. If you are interested in building a custom Shopify website for your small business that specializes in niche products, feel free to contact us at SmartSites today.