CIA Integrates Into Social Media

Elizabeth Reyn
CIA Integrates Into Social Media

For the first time ever, people can now follow the CIA…but only on social media.

It has been reported a few weeks ago that the CIA, the world’s most secretive organization, has officially made a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

“We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet” was the organization’s alleged first post.

What Would Be the Benefits of Joining Social Media?

The purpose of using social media is to connect with an easily accessible network and strengthen personal and professional relationships. The CIA claims that joining Twitter and Facebook will help them inform Americans about previously unclassified information, which includes the history, mission, and other aspects of the organization itself. They already have hundreds of thousands of followers.

What Does This Mean for Social Media Users?

While some government organizations were quick to welcome the CIA onto Twitter, others were feeling uneasy about it. The consternation comes from the CIA’s notorious alleged torturous interrogation tactics. So people are questioning what exactly the CIA plans to do on social media.

The CIA has previously reported having YouTube and Flickr accounts. Its website at first glance resembles a trip to the museum with features such as touring the headquarters and learning more about the organization. The “Offices of the CIA” tab and “Who We Are” sections prove to be the biggest teasers. The use of stock images representing the specific branches of the CIA instead of real people as well as the content gives only information about the services provided. Still pretty secretive.

The CIA’s plans for connecting with users via social media seem like an attempt to make itself more public, but still reveals nothing about the organization’s work as a whole. How accessible will the CIA be now that it is utilizing social media? We can only wait to see what their social media team (more than one?) will reveal.