Cheap Ways To Get Your Local Business Noticed In New Jersey

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Cheap Ways To Get Your Local Business Noticed In New Jersey

You have just crossed one of the biggest hurdles in entrepreneurship, which is launching your local startup business. Now you face the next hurdle – not many people know about the existence of your business. And not every business owner has the financial means to spend thousands of dollars on PR specialists and advertising. If you are looking for cheaper ways to get your local business in New Jersey noticed, then you have come to the right place. Let’s find out more!

Advertise Through Facebook

The ad platform in Facebook not only allows local businesses to get very specific with the target audience. It is up to you to decide how much you want to spend. You can choose between a lifetime or daily budget. Business owners can also between a cost per click bid or a cost per thousand impressions. You basically set a budget and only pay for the impressions or clicks you receive. Some Facebook advertising tactics include targeting pages your target audience usually reads, running ads on your competitors’ Facebook page, and more.

Engage and Follow Industry Influencers on Social Media Platform

Let’s say that you have created a Twitter account for your business. You can build a following by retweeting or favoriting key individuals and groups in your industry. Don’t forget to utilize Twitter’s advanced search to locate people within a specific area that is most relevant to your market and engage with them. Just make the first move. Oftentimes, the people you engage with will reciprocate and follow you back. Twitter is not the only social media site you should be on. You should establish profiles across other major social media sites such as Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook.

Utilize Paid Search

If you are trying out online marketing for local businesses in New Jersey, Google AdWords is a stellar paid search marketing option to consider. Simply start with a small budget such as $5 or $10 a day. You can also test different ad groups and at least three creative variations. Next, it is recommended that you use either the CPA or CPC options for your campaigns. A safe way to determine which keyword sets get clicked more is to do small PPC ad buys. You will be able to find out what works or does not work for your business without breaking the bank. If you have the opportunity to work with another company or brand that has a loyal following, make sure you come up with something that is unique and shareable.

Get Reviews and/or Mentions by Offering Free Products/Services

When you first start your business, it is usually challenging to direct traffic to your site right away. Whatever difficulties you are facing, just start a buzz around your product, service, or website by sending out freebies to influencers and bloggers. The goal is to get mentions and/or reviews from there. When a review gets posted online, you can get it linked back to your site. This is an excellent and cheap way for local startup businesses to get a SEO boost on popular search engines. If you want to engage directly with end consumers, you can consider running a product sampling campaign. You will be able to get your target audience’s attention as well as gain insightful and unbiased reviews to improve your offers.