Challenges With Performing Local SEO In Paramus (And How To Solve Them)

Deniz Piatt
Deniz Piatt

Project Manager

Local SEO In Paramus

As an entrepreneur, you have worked extremely hard to grow your business and ensure its survival. Your team pays attention to every detail of the quality of your services and products as well as the experiences customers get when interacting with the business. If you own or manage a small or medium-sized enterprise, chances are countless dollars were spent on marketing to build brand awareness. Assuming that your business is based in New Jersey, you might already know that it is one of the most densely populated states in the U.S. So, how can small businesses in NJ thrive? How can they navigate this increasingly competitive landscape? Local SEO in Paramus is recognized as one of the top digital marketing strategies that can help businesses generate more customer traffic than before.

Local Search Engine Optimization is a branch of SEO that optimizes website to get them to appear in local search engine results pages. It involves a strategic process that encompasses niche search terms such as podiatrists near Paramus. If you are interested in performing local SEO for your business in Paramus, it is important to note the various challenges business owners will face.

Optimizing Local Landing Pages

In the past, SEO specialists would create multiple landing pages to target each location. These pages typically contain a lot of interlinking, heavy keyword density, and numerous location specific pages. Google’s modern algorithms, however, have termed these pages as spam or doorway pages. In this case, how can businesses target more than one location? Because creating multiple landing pages is not allowed, Google guidelines state that business owners should create one main landing page and optimize it via SEO blogging. This way, companies can target smaller locations such as boroughs and counties in New Jersey without getting penalized.

Creating Localized Content

Most local business websites are optimized, but not localized. Sites that were localized were not completed in a natural and/or convincing manner. Although SEO requires hard work and does not give instant gratification, it is still important to incorporate it into one’s digital marketing strategy. According to Ahrefs and Think With Google, approximately 30 percent of mobile searches were location-based. In addition, people who search for a product or service nearby often go through with the purchase. If you do not possess the technical expertise to localize your content, do not worry; local SEO experts in Paramus will help inject local dialect and information throughout the website content.

Collecting Genuine Testimonials and Online Reviews

It is true that online reputation and local SEO are two different entities. The former, however, has a significant impact on your local search rankings. Studies have shown that earning positive online reviews on high-ranked directories can improve one’s overall rankings. Some of these sites include Clutch, Yellow Pages, UpCity, Yelp, and much more. It is important to note that many consumers read online reviews.

Most of these individuals agree that positive reviews make them feel that they can trust a business. In addition, they find reviews written within a month were more relevant than older reviews. Now, here’s when things get slightly tricky. Online reviews must be user-generated and genuine. How can a company earn online reviews without paying for them? If you are running brick-and-mortar business, consider placing signage to politely ask customers to leave reviews. If it is an online store, implement eye-catching call-to-actions.

Redesigning Websites is Great for Local SEO in Paramus

It is good news if you already have a website as people typically perform online searches before buying anything. It is important to check if it loads slowly, unresponsive (cannot be accessed via mobile devices), or has an outdated website design. Remember that websites are the faces of today’s brands. To achieve an overall positive online image, business owners need to audit their websites and determine if a website redesign is needed. The goal is to make these websites SEO-friendly, user-friendly, fast, and responsive. All of these elements are essential for businesses to rank well in local search results.

Setting Up Analytics to Support Local SEO in Paramus

Some entrepreneurs never plan to use any online marketing strategy. That is why they do not set up analytics to track how their websites are performing and identify potential areas of improvement. Even if your company does not plan to run Google ads in the next three years, it is still an excellent idea to familiarize yourself with Google AdWords and use the available tools to track website traffic on a basic level. In addition to Google, it is recommended that you consider email marketing and running Facebook ads as well. There you go – local SEO in Paramus typically requires business to focus on creating natural content and optimizing it with location-specific keywords and strategies. Meanwhile, do not neglect other elements such as online reviews, website design, your Google My Business page, and choosing the right tools for marketing analytics. They need to be monitored on a regular basis!