Carter Pump Pumps Its Online Presence Up With A New Website

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Carter Pump launches new website

After months of hard work and dedication, SmartSites is pleased to announce the launch of Carter Pump’s new website design. The goal of this new WordPress website is to provide Carter Pump’s visitors an easier way to learn about its pump manufacturing solutions. In addition to displaying basic company information, the website allows each individual to browse through information specific to the wastewater treatment market sector.

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About Carter Pump

Carter Pump is a well-known pump OEM manufacturer in the wastewater treatment industry. The firm was established in 1897 and makes well-engineered and rugged pump parts that are used in worldwide applications. Carter Pump came into prominence during the early 1930s when it was the first company to launch the plunger pump in the wastewater management industry.

Today, the company has expanded its product line to include diaphragm pumps and pneumatic injectors. Additionally, Carter Pump manufactures replacement parts for all featured categories as well. In order to reach out to different market segments and generate more revenue, Carter Pump decided to design and develop a new website. That was when the company contacted SmartSites.

Why did Carter Pump choose WordPress?

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The customer wanted a website platform that could be accessed from any device and is SEO friendly. WordPress meets all these criteria because its coding structure was ideal for Google indexing and the platform utilizes responsive web technology. This means that Carter Pump doesn’t need to develop separate websites for different devices.

WordPress was designed for aggressive content marketing; fresh content is important in an era of online marketing. Because WordPress website owners can update their sites’ content and design in several simple steps, it is one of the best platforms to run tactical campaigns, e.g., holiday promotions.

Modern Web Design and High-Quality Graphics

Carter Pump made the right choice of choosing a modern website design. The customer’s website can now be viewed from many types of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The modern website allows Carter Pump to optimize the experiences visitors have while viewing and interacting with its site.

Elements such as legible text, seamless navigation, and quick scrolling show that you care about preserving both customers’ and visitors’ energy and time. It is important to note that most Internet users will exit a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Many buyers’ decisions are made online before they even speak to a sales representative.

In addition to design and written content, Carter Pump also require high-quality graphics for their plunger pumps and pneumatic ejectors. SmartSites’ design team was more than happy to help. Research has shown that nearly 70 percent of the global population are visual learners. Utilizing images to do the heavy lifting when it comes to online marketing is beneficial for any business. Graphics have the ability to communicate through the “visual draw” of design and the power of text. These elements help build strong connections between brands and their audiences.

Carter Pump

Improved Rankings through Search Engine Optimization

The customer was well-aware of the rise of mobile traffic, as well as local search becoming a fundamental part of a business’ success. SmartSites was hired to run and manage a 6-month SEO campaign for Carter Pump. The goal of the campaign was to help establish a strong foundation for the website to be easily discoverable in search.

Interested in Building a Website for Your Business?

Do you like Carter Pump’s new website design and easy to access information? If you are planning to redesign your company’s website or build one from scratch, don’t hesitate to contact SmartSites today.