Cambio Communities Tackles The Manufactured Housing Market With A New Custom WordPress Website

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Assistant Director of Content

custom WordPress website

SmartSites is thrilled to announce the launch of Cambio Communities’ new, custom WordPress website. Previously, the manufactured housing industry veteran did not own a website. That’s why our online advertising agency was tasked with designing and developing a user-friendly website from scratch.

Established in 2020, Cambio Communities is a full-service manufactured housing operator that sells and leases affordable manufactured homes in Michigan, North Carolina, and more. The company strives to offer positive residential experiences in exceptional communities and help individuals fulfill their dreams of homeownership in the easiest way possible. Cambio Communities plans to achieve this task by building thriving, well-run manufactured housing communities where residents have a clean & safe place to call home. Prospective lessees can also work with Cambio Communities and its affiliates to find spacious, affordable homes for rent across the United States.

Due to digitalization, taking one’s business online has become inevitable. Cambio Communities realized that having a strong online presence has a massive impact on its success and wanted to create a website. Their main goal in launching this site was to provide potential and existing residents with an intuitive experience that clearly states who they are, what they stand for, and what they can provide for residents. Therefore, Cambio Communities’ newly designed website employs navigation best practices and delivers experiences that are impactful on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Below, we dive deeper into the different elements of this manufactured housing listing website.

Custom WordPress Website Build

In addition to being an efficient content management system, WordPress is highly customizable and allows users to add high-end functionalities. Business owners no longer need to worry about their websites looking like that of their competitors’. A plethora of themes can be integrated with one’s website to give it a unique and stylish look. Because WordPress can do almost anything, Cambio Communities created a website to showcase their manufactured property listing data, integrate the latest map data, set and display pricing, and capture leads.

Custom API Integration for Home Listings

Cambio Communities required custom API integrations to provide real-time data on the manufactured housing market. The firm needed an easy-to-use solution to automate listing updates. This way, residents and staff members can check a property’s address, pictures of the manufactured home, brief product outline, and much more. API integrations allow two systems to quickly exchange data, users to access the systems remotely, and connect with other IoT devices.

SEO-Friendly Manufactured Property Website

Because of WordPress’ simple and clean code structure, search engines can easily index them. In addition, the mobile-friendly design and optimized images ensure fast load times. These factors help Cambio Communities’ marketing department to maintain a website that’s easy to find on Google and other popular search engines. In addition, the team was excited to welcome an influx of organic traffic to their search-friendly website. One of the best things about WordPress is their scalability. Cambio Communities can add more pages and functionalities to their website as their business grows without compromising performance. If you are interested in building a custom WordPress website for your real estate company, feel free to contact us today.