How We Bring our Skillset to the Workplace

Elizabeth Reyn

Sometimes in small businesses, it isn’t feasible to hire many people to do one specific job. Although it is ideal to have a person trained in every specialty on hand, it might not always be possible. This also may be difficult in coming up with a specific title to represent every aspect of the job. How are you supposed to accurately record the 100 different things that you do around the office?

We thought about all of this at SmartSites. Since we are a small business with a fairly small staff, we had to find a way to consolidate our various skills and talents into one job position. Those of us who excel at interacting with clients are at the phones and in the conference room conducting meetings. Others of us work at the computer with content and web design.

But that’s not all we do. We also handle spreadsheets, work on marketing and outreach, and manage clients’ webpages. Basically our office is a Venn diagram of attributes that each of us bring to the office. While this type of environment can sometimes feel overwhelming, it helps to have people who are proficient in different areas and can handle different tasks.

For instance, I work on the content side of the company, at times writing, at other times editing. I have helped a client on a marketing campaign. I instructed a client’s assistant on how to use WordPress. I contribute to the consumption of Friday lunch like it’s nobody’s business.

But asked to do billing, accounting, web development, or any sort of coding, and I will draw a blank. Thankfully, SmartSites has other coworkers who are equipped to handle those sides of the business. One coworker has a patient personality and can keep calm even under stress. Another coworker handles multiple assignments with efficiency and can juggle several different things at once. Another makes himself available to clients who need help no matter what. And so on.

SmartSites may be small, but we are efficient. We work together to keep our business successful.