Boost Your Sales With These Christmas eCommerce Ideas!

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Boost Your Sales With These Christmas eCommerce Ideas!

Christmas is the special time of year when consumers are ready to spend a larger sum of their disposable income on gifts. When it comes to Christmas shopping, consumers are known to be more competitive year after year; they are constantly looking the newest and best products for their loved ones. Let’s find out more about some Christmas eCommerce practices that can help you generate more income this holiday season.

Check Your Site to Make Sure It’s Mobile-Friendly

Today, mobile devices are the go-to devices of a wide range of online shoppers. Yes, the game has changed and not everyone is relying on desktops and laptops to shop online. That’s why it’s critical that your site is responsive and current. It is imperative that you make sure it looks correct on any screen size and resolution. If you are not the one managing your site, don’t forget to get your webmaster to conduct a responsive design check.

Get Your Online Store Search Engine Optimized

If you haven’t been paying attention to keywords when it comes to eCommerce SEO, you need to start giving them the attention they deserve because it’s Christmas time! For starters, you can consider placing Christmas keywords in your meta descriptions and the main content in your website. A useful rule of thumb is to use words and phrases that match with terms your customers are likely to search for.

“Christmas gift ideas for her”, “personalized Christmas gifts”, “handmade Christmas gifts”, and more, are just some of the many keywords you can include in your content. You should always optimize your site for holiday keywords in advance. Consider using Google Keyword Planner to help you get keyword ideas too!

Share Your Gift Ideas with the World

Make optimal use of your social media accounts to tweet, post, and share your Christmas eCommerce gift ideas and specials. You need to spark interest and spread awareness about your eCommerce business during the holiday season. Research has shown that Pinterest and Facebook has the power to influence gift buying decisions. To drive more traffic to your online shop, you can use festive hashtags like #holidayseason and #christmasideas. Your goal here is to convince consumers that someone they know or love needs to receive your product under the tree this year.

Set Up a Holiday Campaign

If the sustainability of your business largely depends on online sales, it is pertinent that you take full advantage of holiday campaigns by offering special Christmas sales, discounts, and promotions. For example, you can extend a ‘four for the price of three’ promotion to your loyal consumers. When you do this, you need to make sure your sales terms are clear and concise. This way, your customers will enjoy a smooth checkout process. Alternatively, you can offer free shipping if discounts are undervaluing your products.

Be Flashy by Decorating Your eCommerce Site for Christmas

There has never been a better time to get festive and embrace Christmas colors. Using clever graphic design is an excellent way to virtually decorate your online store. You can include anything from a falling snow effect or just keep to small, festive elements. Well, you won’t have any trouble with creating falling snow flake effects as there is an abundance of snow HTML codes out there. Christmas decorations are used by physical stores to get consumers excited about the season of giving; the same rules apply online. You can use virtual Christmas decorations to inspire your customers to get their Christmas shopping done at your site!

If you want to rev up your eCommerce site for seasonal changes but don’t know how to, feel free to reach out to us at SmartSites where our eCommerce development game is strong!