Bold Analysis, LLC, Launches Their New Custom WordPress Website With A Brand New Look

Ashley Ismailovski
Ashley Ismailovski

Director of Email Marketing

Bold Analysis, LLC. Launches Their New Custom WordPress Website With A Brand New Look

SmartSites is pleased to announce that Bold Analysis, LLC has launched their new custom WordPress website, featuring a brand-new look and enhanced payment integrations. Previously, the futures trading consultancy had an outdated website which did not clearly communicate what their company offers. Their new website has a modern look and is easy for users to navigate.

Bold Analysis, LLC, is committed to building a strong and independent community in the futures trading world through providing support, mentorship and coaching for new traders. The company operates on five premises: risk management, discipline, education, mentorship, and confidence. New traders who are looking to enter the futures market can benefit from the alerts, educational services, and technical analyses Bold Analysis, LLC, can offer.

The rapid digitalization of the business world has meant that having a strong online presence is half the battle won. Bold Analysis, LLC, wanted to increase their online impact with a website that clearly communicates what they do and what they can offer besides making it easy for customers to make payment upon course registration. Their main purpose in launching this new site was to allow both existing and new clients to locate the information they need easily and make signing up convenient. Below, we take a closer look at the different elements that make up their new futures trading consultancy website.

Custom WordPress Website Build for An Updated Look

WordPress allows users to manage their content easily besides being highly customizable. This ensures that no two businesses will have the same web design, particularly if it has been customized to reflect the company’s individual goals and mission. High-end functionalities can be utilized and added on as the business grows, allowing for effective scalability. Because WordPress is so versatile, Bold Analysis, LLC, has managed to create a website that showcases the different types of educational services they offer, integrates with PayPal, and has links to their social media accounts.

PayPal Integration for Course Registration

With the wide range of educational services, alerts, technical analyses and mentorship opportunities Bold Analysis, LLC, offers, it was a priority for them to implement PayPal integration on their website. This ensures that clients are able to complete the checkout process quickly and efficiently, eliminating the chances of abandoned carts caused by a slow processing time.

SEO- and PPC-Friendly Website

On top of launching a new and modern website with an updated look, Bold Analysis, LLC, has also launched respective SEO and PPC campaigns to increase their online visibility. Their website can be fully optimized across all devices and screen sizes, including mobiles and tablets. Mobile SEO is utilized to welcome a drastic influx of organic traffic, and with fast load times for graphics and an easily indexable website, bounce rates are able to stay low. With an effective PPC campaign that makes use of effective landing pages, a quick and steady flow of traffic can directed to the new website within a short turnaround time.

If you are interested in building a custom WordPress website for your small- or mid-sized financial consultancy, feel free to contact us today.