Best Online Marketing Methods For Dental Practices

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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Best Online Marketing Methods For Dental Practices

As a dentist, you may ask, “Do I really need dental online marketing?” “My schedule is filled and I cannot do all or some of these things.” Marketing your dental practice online on a regular basis can help you secure new patients and improve your bottom line, no matter how established the dental practice is. In today’s age, it is imperative that dentists have a strong Internet presence as part of their digital marketing campaign. Let’s find out more about some of the leading online marketing techniques for dental practices.

Promoting through a Website

If you have been running a dental practice for years and do not have a website, now is the time to build one. A website can reflect your philosophy on patient care as well as describe the experience your dental patients can expect when they visit your office. When it comes to web design for dental practices, you may want to choose a descriptive and easy to remember domain name, ensure it is easy to navigate around and locate important information, use a modern design, include frequently searched contact information, introduce your staff, and more.

Video Marketing

Videos have the ability to make your dental practice look and feel different from competitors within your industry. For example, you can start with YouTube. It is a stellar platform for publicity and bringing your traffic to both your website and dental practice. In the video, try introducing your team and feature interviews where patients are asked to say a few testimonials. You may even showcase the latest dental technology and equipment you are using in your dental practice.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent tool for experienced and new dental practices alike to connect with potential and current patients. You can expand your network, respond to inquiries, share information, and conduct Q&A sessions through your dental practice Facebook, Google+, or Twitter accounts. Without the support of a professional social media marketing agency, it is impossible to use and manage every available social media platform. Instead, you may want to focus on one or two platforms consistently.

Search Engine Optimization

Many patients have the habit of searching for new dentists online. That’s why SEO is important. It helps potential customers locate you and your website online. You will also have to consider whether potential clients are searching based on geographical location, areas of specialization, dental procedures, and more. With that in mind, there are many ways to improve SEO traffic for your dental practice site. For example, one can write winning content in the form of blog posts, incorporate important keywords in the domain name, choose search-friendly URLs for individual web pages, avoid using flash content (flash is not readable for search engines), and more.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Also known as PPC, this type of advertising can be a lucrative addition to any dental practice’s marketing plan. When PPC advertising is done correctly, you can generate many new leads. One of the available PPC options include Google AdWords. It places online advertisements on popular websites within their network. Two important practices to keep in mind while PPC advertising is to always include a phone number in your ads and direct potential clients to a unique landing page.