Here Are The Best Christmas Social Media Campaigns Ever!

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Here Are The Best Christmas Social Media Campaigns Ever!

Christmas is a magical time of year for many, and it can also present a lot of marketing opportunities for many businesses. People love getting into the Christmas spirit and by giving your business a Christmas flavor on Facebook, you can gain likes, shares and purchases that you might not have otherwise. It’s a great time to associate your company with all the positive aspects of Christmas and social media provides you with the perfect platform to do that. Here are some great examples of social media Christmas campaigns that you can learn from:


Last year, Costa ran a photo competition encouraging customers to send in their Christmas photos. The photos would then be uploaded to the website for a potential prize and the best were shown on digital screens at JCDecaux’s malls. Of course it was also promoted heavily on social media which helped the campaign to gain momentum and a number of possible prizes also helped to encourage participation.

There’s something very Christmassy about nursing a hot cocoa or cappuccino and Costa took advantage of that by leveraging social media.

Saga Holidays

The travel industry has an obvious connection to Christmas, so it should come as no huge shock that Saga got involved with their own Crimbo-themed promotion. Here, Saga used a hidden image that would be revealed gradually as users shared the page to Twitter or Facebook. With enough participation, the entire picture could be exposed and a winner would be selected from people who guessed what the image was. The competition is closed now, but you can still see how Saga Holidays win over the web.


Ever so savvy on social media, Coca-Cola had one of the great Christmas social media campaigns in 2011 when they gave customers the ability to tweet their Christmas wish. Doing so would potentially see their tweet appear on a giant neon display in Piccadilly Circus. Users could also view the billboard through a live stream if they weren’t there in person.

As you might imagine, the promotion was extremely popular with hundreds of tweets being sent in constantly and a lot of media coverage generated.

A Social Media Agency

It makes sense for a company dealing in social media to demonstrate their skills by promoting themselves through social media at Christmas (how meta!) and that’s precisely what ‘A Social Media Agency’ did last year. The company did this using a web app they built called ‘Social Santa’ that calculates whether you’re ‘naughty or nice’ by analyzing your Twitter account (you can still try it yourself here). In a particularly smart move, they also listed the results of celebrities.

This worked well because a) people love finding out about themselves and b) the celebrities would always be likely to retweet their results. This is an example of a social media campaign done right!

So you have one more month to go… the question is now: what are you going to do to celebrate Christmas with your customers through social media?