Best 50 Live Chat Software for Conversational Marketing

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Today, many businesses from attorney firms to e-commerce sites make use of live chat software to support their marketing, sales, and customer service strategies. Ensuring timely responses is key to retaining customers, who can easily switch to a competitor site if they are able to get faster responses there. However, if you are handling this process without outsourcing, it can easily cost you more time and effort than your business can spare. Many businesses have turned to conversational marketing and live chat software to address this conundrum. 

Understanding Live Chat Software

Has a small chat window ever popped up in the bottom right-hand corner of a website you were on? If so, you are already familiar with live chat. Addressing customer inquiries instantly, live chat can be incredibly helpful in informing purchase decisions. Businesses that have yet to implement this solution most often rely on email to attend to customer inquiries, but the problem with email is that there is no expectation of a real-time, immediate reply. While some customers may be willing to wait a few days for a reply, others may simply decide to take their business elsewhere. Thankfully, you can make use of live chat software if handling it in-house requires more time and resources than your business can handle.

Live chat software is supported either by human agents, AI chatbots or most often, a combination of both. Allowing customers to have real-time text conversations with a support team, live chat can be used for purposes that go beyond providing support. These functions include sales conversations and more. Saving your customers time from hunting down your contact details, they can instantly and conveniently type in their questions through a chat box and receive an answer just as quickly. In addition, the conversational nature of this marketing can put customers at ease, especially those who may avoid expressing themselves through more formal writing. Instead of a long email exchange that can go back and forth for days, customers get the information they need instantly to inform their purchase decisions.

Below is a list of the 50 live chat software your business can make use of to support your customer service team and conversational marketing strategy:

1. Intercom: Best Features18. Moneypenny35. Chatra
2. JivoChat: Best Multi Channel19. Zendesk36. elevio
3. HubSpot: Best with CRM20. Verloop.io37.
4. Best Managed Chat21. LiveAgent38. Sirena
5. Gorgias: Best for Ecommerce22. User.com39. Olark
6. ManyChat: Best FB Bot23. ChatBot40. Rocket.Chat
7. LivePerson: Best Enterprise24. SnapEngage41. HelpCrunch
8. Podium: Best Local Business25. HelpOnClick42. Qualified
9. Freshdesk: Best w/Helpdesk26. EngageBay43. Reamaze
10. Drift: Best AI27. REVE Chat44. INSIDE
11. LiveChat28. CommBox.io45. Tars
12. Zoho Desk29. Kommunicate46. Botsplash
13. UJET30. BOTNATION AI47. Trengo
14. Birdeye31. Quiq48. Genesys
15. Kustomer32. HappyFox Chat49. Tidio
16. Front33. Nextiva50. Smidge
17. SupportYourApp34. PureChat 

#1 Intercom



Founded in 2011, Intercom has a client base of 30,000 strong today. With offices in San Francisco, Chicago, London, Dublin and Sydney, Intercom has a global team of staff who specialize in building strong customer relationships. With the advent of the Internet, some businesses may feel that it is harder than ever to build personal relationships with customers. Not so when you choose Intercom to handle your live conversational marketing, as they consider each instance of customer interaction a chance to build a relationship and earn a lifelong customer. From conversational bots to self-service tools and interactive apps, Intercom has the solution your business is looking for. Read In-Depth Intercom Review

#2 JivoChat



JivoChat was founded in 2011 and employs a global team who is always ready to provide support round the clock. Developed and localized to go beyond the English market, JivoChat serves the Spanish, Russian and Portuguese markets as well. To this end, they have a wide outreach of satisfied clients, and their widget supports more than 20 languages. 

The team at JivoChat is focused on bridging the gap in the way companies currently communicate with potential clients. Before the dawn of live chat and conversational marketing, there was no convenient, user-friendly and inexpensive option for connecting with customers instantly. JivoChat was founded to fill this gap in the market today and has managed to do so with great success, earning them a great name in the industry.

#3 HubSpot



HubSpot works on the premise that “good for the business” is synonymous with “good for the customer”. To this end, they offer a fully integrated CRM system which includes a sales hub, service hub, marketing hub, and CMS hub. Their live chat software is free to try out and enables businesses to automatically connect customers to the right people on their team. Create message templates to target different landing pages and get customers’ attention when they are engaged, right down to the design and color scheme of your chat widget. What’s more, every conversation is automatically saved to enable businesses to track each activity and derive actionable insights for improvement.


BEST MANAGED CHAT is based in Palo Alto, California and offers virtual receptionist and phone intake services as well as live chat software. Their receptionist team for phone calls is able to service countries across North America, including Canada and Mexico. is able to meet clients’ expectations of 24/7 chat by employing a global team backed by sophisticated AI technology.

Founded with a mission to help business owners succeed,’s live chat software makes use of smart AI to learn what is effective and refines scripts, aiding live agents in working quickly and accurately. Regardless of what industry your business is in. understands your unique needs and are able to work with you to capture and qualify potential leads.

#5 Gorgias



Gorgias was founded in Paris in 2015 and today is made up of a team of 60 people from all over the world. Working on the mission of helping e-commerce websites turn their support centers into profit centers, their live chat software enables businesses to access all their customer’s data when talking to them. This makes it convenient to edit orders, issue refunds, and more all without leaving the page. 

Gorgias makes it easy for e-commerce websites to give their customers a personalized shopping experience, which goes a long way in increasing conversion rates. Furthermore, businesses can engage with customers before they even land on their website through ads and posts. Sales can be unlocked through this strategy and their live chat software enables you to track all sales and where they originated from in developing actionable insights. 

#6 ManyChat



ManyChat was established on the premise of helping small businesses manage the marketing aspect of their operations so they can focus on what they are good at. The team believes that marketing can make or break a business and for small business owners, it is not just a job but their livelihoods. 

Their live chat software is able to handle messages on Shopify, Facebook Messenger, and via SMS, with the added plus of integrating fully with your existing systems. Free to try out, ManyChat enables businesses to create a Facebook Messenger bot within minutes, whether you prefer to choose from a template or build your own bot to meet your specific needs. 

#7 LivePerson



A founding member of EqualAI, LivePerson was founded in 1995 and has 20 offices worldwide today. Working on the mission of driving the new conversational era through AI-powered messaging, LivePerson aims to transform the way people communicate with brands. Making life easier for both businesses and customers, LivePerson caters to a wide range of industries, from retail and insurance to automotive and travel. 

With LivePerson’s conversational cloud platform, customers no longer have to waste time trawling through websites, getting the information they need directly from their favorite brands. This makes LivePerson an excellent choice for enterprises looking to build lasting customer relationships and generate leads from website visits. 

#8 Podium



Podium was founded in 2014 and works on the core belief that convenience wins. Getting customers to share reviews, land on specific landing pages, and make payments through messaging, Podium is trusted by over 60,000 businesses for the excellent results they deliver. 

The live chat software offered by Podium enables users to capture the name and contact details of a customer from the very first interaction. This allows businesses to focus on closing the deal instead of fishing for contact information, keeping the conversation alive even after the customer has left the chat. With Podium’s solutions, customers no longer have to search around for the information they want and neither do businesses when it comes to retaining customers.

#9 Freshdesk



Founded in 2010 and launched in Chennai, India, in 2011, Freshdesk started out as a cloud-based, user-focused customer service software. Today, its software enables businesses to make use of omnichannel management, bots, and self-service solutions to deliver excellent customer service. Making use of a chatbot powered by Freddy AI, Freshdesk allows businesses to instantly deliver precise answers to customer inquiries. Solutions are automatically suggested based on keywords, saving time for both customers and agents.

Besides a customer-centric approach, Freshdesk’s software also allows for collaboration across teams, support across various channels, and an easier way of managing the field workforce. To this end, businesses can easily measure and improve their efficiency through custom reports, customer service ratings, and more.

#10 Drift



Drift was founded in 2015 and has 370 team members today. With a focus on Revenue Acceleration, Drift believes that in the competitive climate businesses find themselves in today, the answer to standing out lies in exceptional, personalized customer service across all channels and throughout the customer lifecycle. Drift specializes in both conversational marketing and conversational sales to suit the unique needs of each client.

With conversational marketing, customer engagement is at the forefront. When businesses deliver an experience that makes customers feel valued and engaged, the potential for conversion increases. This works hand in hand with conversational sales, where customers can book meetings and businesses are provided with the insights they need to prioritize target accounts and be more productive.

#11 LiveChat


LiveChat dates back to 2002 and started out with a simple app that introduced a new channel of communication to customers. Founded on the premise of changing the way businesses communicate with their customers online, today LiveChat has over 100 employees and over 30,000 satisfied clients. 

Its live chat software qualifies leads through custom forms and AI chatbot automation. Introducing relevant products to customers while chatting allows businesses to showcase their offerings in the best possible light and capture their attention at the most opportune time. In addition, businesses can track sales to see for themselves exactly how chats boost revenue. 

#12 Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

Zoho CRM was released in 2005, following the establishment of its parent company, AdventNet Inc. in 1996. At Zoho, the focus is on creating software that solves business problems and to this end, they believe that software is more than just a single product, but a continuous commitment to improving user experience. 

The customer service software offered by Zoho makes use of a multi-channel ticketing system to assign messages to agents. This ensures that customers get the support they need and agents are not overwhelmed with messages when tickets are collected from multiple channels and organized into one tab. From email and social media to live chat, Zoho Desk enables agents to reach out to all these customers at once and further get in touch through live chat if the answer is not what they are looking for.

#13 UJET


UJET is a leading provider of cloud contact center software focused on improving the customer service experience. In the past, while other departments such as sales and marketing continued to grow and evolve, customer service remained pretty much stagnant. Forcing the same inconvenient experience onto customers and agents, UJET makes use of a combination of intelligent automation, contextual data, and reliable cloud systems to provide an integrated customer service experience.

With live chat and conversational marketing, customers can easily communicate with agents the way they would with friends and family. Cutting out the confusion that can ensue with voice calls and the long turnaround time associated with emails, UJET’s live chat software enables media sharing with photos, videos, and screenshots. This allows both customers and agents to communicate issues using the most specific details and provide responses of the same specificity. 

#14 Birdeye


Birdeye offers a variety of software and services for big and small businesses alike. These include live chat, video chat, virtual receptionist services, and more. Birdeye’s live chat software, Webchat, enables businesses to engage visitors from the moment they land on their website. Even after they have left the website, Webchat routes text messages to customers’ mobile phones to keep them engaged. With an intelligent chatbot, Robin, to manage tasks such as answering questions, scheduling appointments, and closing deals, employees are free to focus on other aspects of business operations.

#15 Kustomer


Kustomer is headquartered in New York and makes use of AI in their customer service solutions to process simple interactions, route conversations to agents based on topic as well as engage with and prioritize unhappy customers. The focus is on intent identification, knowledge deflection, natural language detection, sentiment analysis, and agent recommendation.

To this end, Kustomer believes that businesses should take an empathetic approach when dealing with customers to enable team members to mirror emotions and calm frustrations. With machine learning, agents are supplied with relevant responses in real-time, equipping them with relevant information without having to scour the Web for it. With easy and repetitive questions deflected to Kustomer IQ, this frees agents up to focus on more specialized inquiries. 

#16 Front


The live chat software offered by Front means that businesses do not have to juggle between multiple pages when answering customer inquiries. Whether it is replying to chats, emails, texts, or tweets, Front enables businesses to get a single view of all customer interactions and makes replying easier, all on one platform. Businesses no longer have to convert chats into support tickets or manage multiple texts with Front’s integrated chat solution. Reply with just one click with message templates and automatically assign chats to team members based on keywords. 

#17 SupportYourApp


SupportYourApp has been a premium provider of outsourced customer service support since 2010. Enabling businesses to stay focused on their goals while taking care of customer communication including calls, live chats, virtual receptionist services, and more, SupportYourApp creates custom solutions based on the unique needs of each individual business. 

#18 Moneypenny


Moneypenny was established in 2000 and has handled more than 15 million calls and chats on behalf of their clients to date. Based in the United Kingdom, Moneypenny offers a wide range of communication solutions for businesses, from virtual receptionist services to live chat. Combining top-quality software with the right people, Moneypenny is able to take care of chats when businesses are busy or unavailable to provide the optimal customer experience. 

The pricing structure for Moneypenny’s software is based on the number of chats you would like to be managed, making it an affordable option for SMEs. With no long contracts or separate software fees, Moneypenny has also adapted to COVID-19 by offering an online symptom checker form to ensure visitors are in compliance with regulations and help businesses share information about their policies.

#19 Zendesk


Zendesk has more than 3,000 global employees with clients across 160 countries and territories. As a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships, Zendesk is scalable to meet the needs of any business, big or small. Their software focuses on conversations instead of channels, integrating live chats, social media messages, and email into one ticketing system, allowing businesses to focus on quick and accurate responses instead of juggling multiple channels.

If your business is looking to create rich conversational experiences with customers, Zendesk’s live chat software has a solution. Supported by bots and automation, real-time chat enables businesses to create a personal connection with customers without interrupting their experience. To this end, Zendesk takes things one step further by enabling businesses to reach out to customers before they even ask a question, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

#20 has offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Bengaluru, India. As a team that focuses on helping B2C customers personalize their customer conversations through running a 24/7 automated engagement platform, aims to help businesses reduce the cost and effort of doing so manually. Powered by machine learning algorithms in pattern matching, NLP, and more,’s live chat software focuses on three main aspects: customer support, engagement, and acquisition.

Available in multi-language support, businesses all over the world can make use of’s versatile software to reach out to global customers. Through both bot and human interaction, customers can easily obtain the answers they need to inform their purchase decisions. can be fully integrated with the existing systems businesses are using such as Facebook Messenger, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and more.

#21 LiveAgent


LiveAgent’s parent company was established in 2004 with a focus on developing B2B apps to transform businesses. However, they soon discovered that they needed to improve the communication flow between businesses and customers as well. As a result, LiveAgent was born and currently has three offices across the world: in New York, Kyiv, and Bratislava. With big clients such as Huawei, BMW, and 02, LiveAgent is trusted by businesses thanks to their successful track record. 

Powered by automation and smart routing options, LiveAgent enables businesses to convert website visitors into paying customers by providing the assistance they need as quickly as possible. With a quick and reliable automation and ticketing system, LiveAgent allows businesses to deliver the right message at the right time to lock in the highest chance of a conversion.

#22 aims to create modern marketing solutions with a human touch. To this end, their software focuses on boosting engagement and increasing conversion through a single data source, saving businesses time and effort by following up on multiple channels. Catering to the unique needs of a wide range of industries such as e-commerce, real estate, and education, the entire customer journey is automated, capturing the detailed timelines and activity of each individual user. 

The live chat software of allows businesses to redefine communication with their customers. With the option to send automatic messages or assign agents to each live conversation, businesses can instantly make connections with customers and lock them in for conversion. Fully integrated with a chatbot, the numerous design and language options mean that can be customized to meet the unique needs of any business.

#23 ChatBot


ChatBot provides businesses with an all-in-one platform where they can build and launch conversational chatbots without coding. Whether your business is looking to boost its marketing, sales, or customer support processes, ChatBot’s live chat software can be fully utilized to suit your needs. Improving resolution times and personalizing the customer experience, ChatBot is able to serve the unique needs of each business, whether that is to improve customer engagement or increase conversion rates. 

With ready-to-use templates ranging from discounts and lead generation to industry-specific messages for restaurants and universities, ChatBot is fully scalable and suited to all kinds of businesses, large and small.

#24 SnapEngage


SnapEngage delivers conversational chatbot and technology for exceptional customer experiences, aiming to go beyond just live chat. Their responsive and goal-driven live chat automation enables businesses to better qualify leads and increase conversion rates in an efficient and friendly manner. 

The omnichannel experience allows businesses to communicate with their customers no matter which platform they are on: text messaging, social media, email, live chat, and more. 

#25 HelpOnClick


HelpOnClick was established in 2012 with a live chat software that made it easy for businesses to provide information to and cultivate relationships with both new and existing customers. Their software integrates seamlessly with websites and requires no programming experience to install. With solutions that work on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, HelpOnClick is able to cater to customers across all platforms.

HelpOnClick’s live chat software allows businesses to customize chat tools to match the look of their website, set advanced automated invitations to lock in customers, and more. In addition, it provides advanced customer data and the feature to monitor website traffic in real-time, going a long way in boosting customer support and experience efforts.

#26 EngageBay


Headquartered in California, EngageBay offers an integrated marketing, sales, and support automation software for businesses. EngageBay believes that marketing automation is not just limited to the marketing aspect of the customer journey but stretches to sales and customer support as well. When these processes are streamlined, the efficiency and ROI of the business are optimized. 

With EngageBay’s free live chat software, businesses can keep track of a customer’s entire journey from the first interaction to conversion and beyond. This allows businesses to personalize their approach, receive emails when customers send a message during downtimes, and more. By inviting customers to take part in live chat, businesses can increase engagement and gain valuable insights into consumer habits. Featuring chat shortcuts and transcripts, a fully customizable chat widget that can be installed on unlimited websites, and more, EngageBay is trusted by clients across a wide range of industries. 

#27 REVE Chat


REVE Chat is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in Florida, London, Hong Kong, India, and Bangladesh. With a multi-channel live chat software that is easy to set up, REVE Chat enables businesses to make use of screen sharing as well as voice and video chat to assist their customers in real-time. With advanced chat routing options and full integration with apps such as Facebook Messenger and Viber, REVE Chat delivers live chat analytics and insights that can be acted on to improve engagement and conversion rates.


Previously known as BumpYard, was founded in 2013 with offices in California and Israel. Their software focuses on automating the customer service experience and comes with a smart inbox to manage communication across channels. Allowing businesses to effectively manage live chats, SMS, WhatsApp messages, emails, and more, offers an all-in-one solution.

Their AI-powered chatbots make use of a smart learning algorithm to understand customers’ intentions and provide eloquent and informative answers to their questions. Learning from each interaction to improve the relevancy of its answers, this chatbot works for your business 24/7, seven days a week, and never goes on break. What’s more, it can mimic the exact tone of voice and personality you want your business to convey.

#29 Kommunicate


Headquartered in Bangalore, India with an office in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Kommunicate is a customer communication software made by Team Applozic. With a team of over 30 employees, Kommunicate is passionate about automating customer support processes through a bot hybrid live chat. As the only communication option that does not put customers on hold, live chat enables businesses to capture customers when they are most likely to convert. 

Able to work on all devices and across platforms, Kommunicate’s live chat software focuses on delivering quick replies and engaging with visitors through customizable messages. With an intelligent AI-based chatbot to handle simple and repetitive questions, your agents are freed up to tend to queries that require human expertise. 



BOTNATION.AI is based in Paris, France and provides simple solutions to create a chatbot alongside advisors who will guide you throughout the process. Making use of keyword associations and algorithms, BOTNATION.AI enables businesses to create a customizable chatbot within minutes. With the option for human agents to step in when sensitive or high-value questions are asked within the same conversation served by a bot, businesses are able to get the best of both worlds with BOTNATION.AI. 

#31 Quiq


Quiq is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana and aims to deliver jaw-dropping customer service experiences through their Conversational Engagement Platform. Working on the premise that businesses should communicate with customers the way friends communicate with each other, Quiq’s software makes use of a combination of bots and humans to engage customers. With customer satisfaction increasing over chat as compared to phone calls and emails, Quiq believes that every modern business needs to get on live chat in order to meet the competition.

Making use of chatbots to design conversational experiences with Quiq’s live chat software, businesses can easily manage the conversation life cycle and pass chats between humans and bots as best fits the situation. In addition, Quiq is multi-channel, providing businesses with an integrated, seamless way of managing customer conversations.

#32 HappyFox


Headquartered in Irvine, California, HappyFox has clients across a wide range of industries in more than 70 countries. With HappyFox’s live chat software, chat widgets are fully customizable to fit with the look of your website and make use of chatbots to answer common or repetitive questions. Freeing up human agents to tend to high-value customers and inquiries, HappyFox offers unlimited agents on all pricing plans, coming with features such as concurrent chat, unlimited chat history, and pre-chat form fields with higher pricing plans. 

HappyFox’s live chat software is available on desktops, phones, and tablets in both iOS and Android systems. Take your chats on the go and never miss out on connecting with a customer again. 

#33 Nextiva


Nextiva is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with offices in California, Ukraine, and Mexico. With solutions for both small businesses and enterprises, Nextiva focuses on AI and automation to communicate on channels customers like to use, connect with all stakeholders in one place and automate responses to common and repetitive questions.

With Nextiva’s live chat software, businesses can easily meet customers where they are, be it through texting, instant messaging, email, or more. Their service tools give businesses an overview of individual customer data to promote personalized conversational marketing. With auto-responses and other built-in automation features, businesses can take the load of repetitive work off their employees’ shoulders, freeing them up to focus on high-value customers and tasks. 

#34 PureChat


PureChat was founded in 2012 on the premise of helping businesses achieve better communication with customers. Acquired by Ruby in October 2020, PureChat now focuses on the communication process throughout the entire customer journey, from lead capture and acquisition to building lasting relationships and providing ongoing support. 

With live chat software, businesses can capture customers at the most opportune moment with the right message. PureChat’s software is easy to install and customize, leaving out all the knobs and bells some businesses do not want or need. Reference previous transactions during a live conversation by instantly accessing historical chat transcripts and using canned responses to reply to FAQs. In addition, make use of features such as the mobile app, file transfers, pre-chat forms, and more to make the software work for your business’s unique needs.

#35 Chatra


Chatra was founded in 2009 and is based in Delaware. Chatra was born out of a failed startup venture,, a jeans brand that was sold exclusively online. The founders discovered through communicating with customers that real-time conversations made a huge difference in customer experience and go a long way in improving the bottom life of businesses. As a result, Chatra was born. 

Chatra offers a live chat software that enables businesses to reply immediately to customer inquiries or make use of the messenger mode to reply to messages at their own pace. With the aim of increasing sales in a helpful, friendly manner, Chatra utilizes chatbots to take care of routine questions, collect visitors’ data and consent, and more. With a multi-channel dashboard and visitors’ data displayed on a real-time list, Chatra provides businesses with the tools they need to manage customer communication effectively.

#36 Elevio


Based in Melbourne, Elevio was launched in 2015 and works on the vision of helping businesses reduce customer effort without changing their product. This translates into a user-friendly live chat software that delivers product information and contextual knowledge to help customers make informed purchase decisions. Making use of in-app contextual content to deflect up to 23% of support tickets, human agents are freed up to attend to more complex and higher-value inquiries. 

With Elevio’s live chat software, businesses no longer have to keep customers waiting around for answers, send them off-site, or frustrate them with chatbot answers that go nowhere. It is all about delivering the right message at the right time and to the right user and to this end, Elevio generates suggestions for process-driven content based on feedback and engagement.

#37 is based in Las Vegas and offers a free live chat software that can be set up within 1 minute. Offering translations in 27 languages, can be used by global businesses to cater to an increasingly wider range of customers. With built-in canned responses and a mobile app, businesses can easily get back to customers on the go and save time on formulating fresh responses to common repetitive questions.

Other features of include but are not limited to: group messaging, geo IP tracking, screen sharing, message filtering, unlimited agents, detailed reporting, and more.

#38 Sirena


Sirena is a conversational commerce platform that focuses on WhatsApp messaging. Founded in 2016 and acquired by Zenvia in 2020, Sirena has offices in San Francisco, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. As one of the most widely used messaging apps today, Sirena brings the customer service experience to WhatsApp, where customers are. Allowing team members to respond to WhatsApp messages through a shared team inbox, simply create messaging buttons that will enable customers to get in touch within seconds. 

With Sirena’s conversational WhatsApp customer communication solution, chatbots are used to filter and direct inquiries, similar to chat widgets on websites. Available on desktops and as iOS and Android apps, the team at Sirena is dedicated to helping businesses every step of the way from initial implementation to ongoing support after the software has been launched.

#39 Olark


Olark was started in 2009 with a live chat platform enabling businesses to better connect with their customers. Their live chat software focuses on learning from every interaction to improve the way businesses respond to inquiries and the overall customer engagement experience. Besides engaging your customers in real-time, feedback is gathered to make processes more efficient, with customer data and chat transcripts stored for future reference.

Features of Olark’s live chat software include: a custom pre-chat form to gather context before a conversation begins, triggered messages that convey the right suggestion or offer at the right time, and more.

#40 RocketChat


RocketChat is made up of a global team, headquartered in Delaware and with an office in Brazil. RocketChat offers a platform for businesses to communicate and collaborate with customers and team members simultaneously. Add a live chat widget to any website or mobile app to instantly connect with customers and capture them at the most opportune moment. With cutting-edge machine learning providing real-time translations in up to 50 languages, businesses can cater to global customers. RocketChat is omnichannel and meets the strictest security standards, giving businesses and customers peace of mind that their sensitive data is in safe hands.

#41 HelpCrunch


HelpCrunch’s live chat widget is fully customizable and aims to capture visitors through automated greeting messages, offline and pre-chat forms, and more. With an User Authentication Mode to track user behavior, businesses can easily communicate with their customers through both websites and mobile apps. 

With features such as saved responses, live visitor profiles, and localization, HelpCrunch even enables businesses to get a sneak peek of what customers are typing before they send a message. HelpCrunch can be integrated into your website within seconds and allows one agent to handle up to five conversations simultaneously.

#42 Qualified


Qualified is based in San Francisco and focuses on connecting the customer directly to the agent and the information they are looking for instead of having to jump through several hoops just to obtain the answer they need. Going beyond live chat, businesses can make use of live view and voice calls to capture customers while they are most likely to convert. With custom chatbots that work round the clock and that can be set up within minutes, Qualified can intelligently route visitors to the right agents, sending them an instant notification to respond.

#43 Re:amaze


Based in San Jose, California, Re:amaze works across a variety of website platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, G Suite, and more. Working on the premise that better conversations mean happier customers, Re:amaze provides businesses with an all-in-one solution to engage customers across all channels. 

With a feature that enables a sneak preview of what customers are typing, businesses can instantly send individual customers what they are looking for before they have asked for it. Additional features include satisfaction surveys, built-in help centers, and more.



Powerfront was founded in 2001 as an e-commerce cum content management platform. INSIDE was conceptualized after the founders realized that there was no way to reach out to customers on clients’ websites in order to provide a shopping experience as they would experience in-store. 

Featuring a smart and proactive live chat solution, human agents are assigned based on factors such as the customer’s basket value and purchase history. If a customer seems to be struggling, businesses can easily make use of INSIDE’s live chat to reach out to them and offer assistance, encouraging them to complete their transaction. Botler, INSIDE’s AI-powered chatbot assistant, is available 24/7 and can even be deployed mid-conversation or as and when an agent sees fit.

#45 Tars


Tars’s live chat solutions focus on eliminating the need for forms, which are impersonal and can be tedious to fill up. Instead, their software emphasizes the use of chatbots in live chat across a wide range of industries, from real estate to healthcare and education. As prospects feel more engaged with conversational experiences as opposed to filling in the same old data through a form, live chat also enables businesses to filter out strong potential leads quickly and conveniently instead of spending time sending emails back and forth. 

Tars also offers a feature that enables businesses to design and build ChatBot on WhatsApp. As the #1 downloaded messaging app worldwide, Tars understands the importance of businesses that wish to capitalize on a wider range of customers getting on WhatsApp. Making use of rich media including emojis, pictures, and videos to engage customers, Tars also enables CRM integrations and features many chatbot templates for businesses to use as a starting point.

#46 Botsplash


BotSplash is headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina. Born out of the founder’s experience in the mortgage industry, she found that communications between agents and customers were bringing about several issues. To this end, Botsplash puts human interaction at the core of their platform, using it to inform their automations.

Specialized solutions are available by industry: businesses in the retail, automobile, pharmaceutical, real estate sectors and more can utilize Botsplash’s whole range of live chat features. Providing quick, accurate and convenient information for customers, Botsplash believes that the best communication experience takes a human-first approach. Featuring customizable chat widgets, CRM integrations, and a multi-channel dashboard, Botsplash is able to deliver it all in one software. 

#47 Trengo


With a mission to create the world’s greatest inbox, Trengo’s software focuses on live chat across multiple platforms, including WhatsApp. With the ability to set business hours and automate chat greetings, businesses can easily customize Trengo in a way that best suits their needs. The screen sharing feature provides businesses with a way of assisting customers that goes beyond text explanation, such as if they are having trouble finding a particular product or checking out. Instantly point them to a tab or link on their page without worries of miscommunication. Specialized features for industries such as transport and logistics, IT, e-commerce, and more are available as well. 

#48 Genesys


Genesys is based in the United Kingdom, with offices in London, Birmingham, and Belfast. Making use of Genesys Cloud, an all-in-one public cloud contact center platform to power communication, Genesys focuses on improving experiences for both customers and employees. 

AI-powered chatbots enable businesses to connect with customers at the right time, bridging the gap between employing more human agents and keeping up with an increasing number of inquiries. With a fast, personalized software that reduces the cost per interaction while boosting revenue and satisfaction rates, Genesys has successfully delivered pleasant customer experiences in over 100 countries.

#49 Tidio


With offices in London, Poland, and San Francisco, Tidio’s live chat software is free to use, with the option to add on paid features, and can be installed in just 3 minutes. With response times slashed to the same 3 minutes, Tidio enables businesses to respond swiftly and effectively in real-time. Desktop, browser, and mobile-enabled, the software can be fully integrated with existing systems such as WordPress, Facebook Messenger, Wix, and more, utilizing chatbots to act as tireless 24/7 customer support agents.

#50 Smidge


Smidge is unique in the sense that its software focuses on live chat over video instead of text. Enabling businesses to speak face-to-face with active users in real-time, create that instant connection that has the potential to turn into a lasting customer relationship. Customers can either be segmented by call groups or specific users can be searched for in order to hold the most relevant conversations. 

Customizable messages allow customers to understand the context in which the call will be taking place, inviting them to a direct call which can also be audio only to suit their preferences. With live monitoring as well as call logs and ratings to track progress and customer satisfaction, businesses can easily derive actionable insights to inform their marketing as well as sales and support strategies.

Ready to Get Live Chat Software?

Being able to keep up with customers in real-time is a must for every business looking to succeed in the 21st century. If customers do not get the answers they need timely, there is every chance of them switching to a competitor who can provide it. With a myriad of software and services to choose from, now even small businesses can afford to get on board with live chat, which reduces the number of human agents needed by making use of AI, chatbots, smart learning algorithms, and more.

If you are in a niche industry such as real estate, automobile, and more, you may require specialized features that not every software provides. Or maybe you are simply looking for one that is highly customizable in order to build brand awareness and provide an optimal experience for customers. As no two businesses are the same, the software that will work best for you largely depends on your individual needs and for this purpose, there is no one single “best” software, just the software that’s best for you and your business.