Ashley Ismailovski from SmartSites Named a Klaviyo Community Champion!

Dalton James
Dalton James

Email Marketing Specialist

Community Champions

SmartSites is thrilled to announce that Ashley Ismailovski has been selected as one of Klaviyo’s 2023 Community Champions!

Klaviyo piloted their Community Champions program in 2022. During the first year, Champions created educational resources as thought leaders in their respective industries, participated in live training sessions, offered strategic advice, and solved problems with their peers. This program was incredibly successful, and so Klaviyo has renewed it this year to introduce their 2023 Community Champions. This year, the ’23 cohort consists of 14 returning and new Champions, including Ashley Ismailovski from SmartSites. While applications were open to all of Klaviyo’s 6,500+ agency partners, only the most qualified applicants were selected based on their expertise in the platform and ability to teach their peers. It goes without saying that ‘23 Champions are always ready and willing to share their knowledge and experience to create a well-informed and inclusive Community.

The Klaviyo Community Champions Program designates Partners with the responsibility of facilitating peer learning within the Community. These Champions are Klaviyo advocates who possess an in-depth understanding of email and SMS marketing best practices. They are passionate about imparting their knowledge with others and fostering a culture of shared growth and continued learning amongst all Klaviyo Community members.

Champions volunteer their time, expertise, and insights, which are essential for shaping the growth and success of Klaviyo’s Community. They act as mentors and guides who provide valuable assistance and support to other Community members by answering questions, offering guidance, and sharing best practices. In addition to promoting Klaviyo to potential customers, they also offer feedback to the platform to improve existing products and services. Congratulations to Ashley Ismailovski for her selection to the 2023 Klaviyo Community Champions cohort!