Are You Making These Logo Design Errors?

logo design errors

Why do company logos and brand logos hold such a high level of importance? Well, logos are the graphical representation of companies’ identities. While one may treat a logo design as a small symbol, do note that they are powerful tools that can make or break your reputation. Without a quality logo design, even the most unique products and amazing services will fail to catch the attention of one’s target audience. If you want to learn how to create a compelling logo, you must first learn how to avoid the following logo design errors. Let’s find out more!

Mistake #1: Going for Complex and Cluttered Designs

Great beauty can come from simplicity. That’s why you should aim for a design that is effective and simple. You will know that adjustments are needed if your focus group has a hard time understanding the meaning behind your logo. Confusing designs may feature a bad pairing of typeface, too many colors, a random selection of icons, etc. Look at Nike or Apple. Their logos are minimalistic yet memorable. That’s what you should be aiming for.

Mistake #2: Choosing the Wrong Colors

Choosing colors for your logo based on an arbitrary decision is the next error you should avoid at all costs. To design an impressive logo, you must first understand the psychology behind colors. You need to pick something that accurately resonates with the core message and personality of the brand. The chosen color scheme should do justice to the company’s image. Adding colors to your logo shouldn’t be done in a rush. Check your logo in grayscale or black and white format first. You will want to make sure your logo looks great in both color and B&W forms.

Mistake #3: Being a Follower of Trends

Today, the design industry is dominated by a wide variety of design trends. As a logo designer, it may be tempting to design a logo based on the latest design trends that change from time-to-time. Logo designs are an identity symbol for the company. Hence, it needs to be timeless. If the logo was designed as per a certain trend, it will not take long for it to become dated and a cliché. After all, design trends can disappear in a puff of smoke. Yes, you can draw inspiration from the trends but heavily rely on them. Your design must be eye-catching, unique, and long-lasting.

Mistake #4: Utilizing Raster Images

Using raster images can prove counterproductive. Raster images cannot be scaled to any size as they are made of pixels. The quality of raster image logos is dramatically affected (i.e. image blur) when they are scaled to different sizes. If you want to create high-quality logos that can be scaled to any size, make it a point to design your logos in vector graphics, e.g. Adobe Illustrator. This way, they can be enlarged into banner size or reduced to stamp size without compromising quality.

Mistake #5: Wrong Choice of Typefaces

A bad typeface can make your logo look unprofessional. That’s why you should avoid taking chances here. When it comes to picking an appropriate typeface, avoid using too many typefaces in a single logotype. One or two typefaces will suffice. Next, the chosen typeface font should reflect your logo’s unique characteristics. When the finished logo coincides with the message of the brand, you do not need to worry about ending up with a logo that looks amateurish.