Are You Aware Of The Latest Automotive SEO Best Practices?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

automotive SEO

Did you know that SEO now plays a significant role in the automotive industry? In this post, you will discover several trending automotive SEO best practices, which hopefully can be put into action! Read on to find out more!

Fewer Paid Listings on Third-Party Websites

In the past, many automobile dealers relied heavily on paid listings and third-party websites to promote themselves. Due to local search results becoming increasingly important, there are more reasons for auto dealers to direct local search traffic to their own websites instead. Thought leaders are predicting that more automobile dealers will consider sending traffic directly to their own sites this year. If you are considering making a move that’s similar to this, it’s important to utilize a proper lead generation strategy.

The Rise of “Near Me” Search Queries

Today, Google has noticed a growing number of “near me” search queries from across the globe. Oftentimes, these mobile search queries also contain a variant of “to buy” and “can I buy” as well. Because today’s smartphone users assume their local search results will be returned in accordance to their phone’s location, they also include ZIP codes, neighborhood names in their search queries. This means that businesses in the automotive industry should try to rank for keywords like Nissan dealer near me; Ram heavy duty truck dealer near me; Toyota dealership near me right now.

Claiming Google My Business (GMB) Accounts

With digital marketing becoming more popular than ever, more automotive businesses are also claiming their GMB accounts. This is a great technique to improve one’s organic results for local searches. Make sure that you publish regular posts through GMB, enter your business hours, and more!

Leveraging Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

LSI refers to the way search engines relate hidden meanings (latent) when certain keywords (semantics) are connected. Today, automotive businesses are creating content based on the topics they would want to be visible for. In addition to unlocking better SEO benefits, LSI is also beneficial for automotive PPC marketing campaigns. While it isn’t as simple as directly optimizing for LSI search terms, you can use it to understand related sub-topics and phrases to create better content (start with Google search suggestions!).

Using Videos to Influence Shopping Habits

Videos now have a bigger role in the world of automotive SEO. According to Google, promotional videos have successfully influenced the shopping habits of nearly 80 percent of automobile shoppers. So, what does this mean for auto dealerships? If you have been using traditional media such as television advertising, it’s now time to consider tapping YouTube. The latter has become a popular platform for car enthusiasts to discover the latest makes and models. In fact, today’s consumers are obsessed with research. By answering their queries, you may increase the chances of them converting into a buyer.

If you are considering boosting your automotive company’s presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), do not hesitate to contact SmartSites for more information!