Anchor Inc. Increases Their Brand Appeal With A Lively New Website Design

Olivia Hendrzak
Olivia Hendrzak

Project Manager

new website design

SmartSites is pleased to announce that Anchor Inc., a producer of custom fabric and frame products based in Evansville, IN, has recently launched their new website. This lively new website design features 10 new page layouts, engaging visuals and a resource section.

Anchor Inc. new responsive website design

Established in 1892, Anchor Supply Company, as it was known then, started out as a supply house alongside the Ohio River. The company would supply paint, furnished oil and other necessary supplies to workers and businesses in the steamboat trade. Over time, a wide variety of canvas goods was added to their offerings and today, Anchor Industries has more than 300 employees working in their 362,000 square foot production facility in Evansville. The brand prides itself on being one of the leading producers of pool covers, tent awnings, shade solutions, fire shelters and many other frame products.

Due to the widening impact of the digital world, it is important for any business that wishes to grow their brand appeal to have a solid online presence. Therefore, Anchor Inc. turned to SmartSites to design and create a website that would work just for them. This includes being visually appealing and easy to navigate on top of incorporating a SEO strategy that works. Below, we take a more comprehensive look at the different aspects that make up this new web design.

New Resource Page

To position itself as a market expert, Anchor Inc. decided to add a resource page to their website, where viewers can find a series of informative photos, videos and instructional guides. In their specific industry, having appealing visual and video content makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to showing customers how they can accomplish certain tasks like anchoring their safety pool covers. I

Engaging Visuals and New Page Layouts

Anchor Inc. engaging visuals and new page layouts

The next thing Anchor Inc. wanted to achieve was to make their website more visually appealing through the use of powerful graphics. With the short attention span viewers have today, a website that’s predominantly text will not leave a long-lasting impression. When the right graphics are positioned next to the relevant textual content, this serves two purposes: giving potential customers a picture of what their products look like and making the browsing experience a livelier, more pleasant one. User-friendly page layouts also improve the viewer experience by making websites easier to navigate.

SEO-Friendly Website

Anchor Inc. seo-friendly website

Besides the visible differences that have been made to their website, Anchor Inc. also wanted to build a search-friendly website. This is achieved through a customized SEO strategy to suit their unique needs. Having a SEO-friendly website allows the brand to grow their organic traffic rates, which is the most sustainable way of driving growth in the long run. In addition, a website with a good SEO strategy will propel it to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs), especially when it comes to targeted longform keywords. This can significantly increase brand exposure to potential customers! If your home service business can also benefit from a lively new website design, please feel free to contact SmartSites today.