Alex’s Euro-Trip: Melen to Speak at HostingCon Europe 2016

Elinor Cohen
Elinor Cohen

Senior Content Editor


Alex Melen will discuss competitive industries and strategies to achieve ultimate success through digital marketing and hosting solutions.

One might say ‘Alert the Media!’ but considering the nature of our business, it’s safe to say we already did! The big news on campus is that SmartSites’ very own Alex Melen will be touring Western Europe the week of October 9th, 2016. Alex, one of SmartSites’ CEOs, has been asked to speak at the reputable HostingCon Europe 2016 this year, and the entire team could not be prouder.

HostingCon Europe is Europe’s Premier Conference and Trade show for cloud, domains, and hosting businesses. The annual event is set to be held in Amsterdam this year, and will feature a variety of reputable technology and digital marketing experts, Alex Melen amongst them. The ever-exciting forum, hosted by information services company Penton, began in 2011 with only 425 attendees. Member turnout has skyrocketed to over 1,000 signed up to participate in this year’s lineup of events.

Alex, who co-founded SmartSites in 2011 with brother Michael, will speak before an audience of over 1,000 on the topic of ‘Marketing in a Cut-Throat Industry.’ It’s an area he knows well, having been the Paid Search Guru behind SmartSites’ success for the past 5 years. The speaking engagement, set to cover marketing tools and initiatives aimed to bring about stronger ROIs for clientele in any industry, is part of the Building Business Track of HostingCon Europe.

The conference traditionally focuses on web hosting and cloud services, an area in which Alex is also well-versed. Alex launched his first company, T35 Hosting, in 1997 and continues to run it today. At its peak, T35 hosted over 1M websites across a multitude of industries and currently operates as the sister agency to SmartSites.

Always the overachiever, Alex will not only be giving one speech at HostingCon Europe whilst abroad. His other planned engagements include a discussion on hosting technologies, in which he’ll discuss the burgeoning trends that both technology and general marketing sectors face in the coming years. To round out the trip, Alex will contribute to the final round of lectures, and speak to the success of securing a strong marketing trifecta: Paid Search, SEO, and Social Media.

As Alex says, “Marketing initiatives are only as useful as the results they bring.” This is why he aims to share what he has learned so far in the industry with interested minds. To stay up to date with Alex’s adventures, follow him on Twitter @amelen. For those looking to catch Alex before he jets off, or to learn more about what the team does on the home front, give us a call at 201-870-600 or visit today!