Air-Con International Keeps Their Cool With A New Shopify Website With Custom Banners

Irina Mircica
Irina Mircica

Senior Project Manager

air-con international launches new Shopify website

With the help of SmartSites, Air-Con International has launched a new Shopify website with custom banners. Previously, the air-con retailer’s website was not optimized for ease of navigation and user appeal, presenting an outdated web design. Our team was tasked with creating a custom banner for the business as well as designing a website that would entice viewers as we move forward into the digital age.

Since 2002, Air-Con International has been providing high-quality air conditioning units to residential customers. They can assist with installation upon the delivery of each unit, making it easy for customers to get comfortable in their own homes. It is Air-Con International’s goal to provide easy access to air-con products to customers within the contiguous United States, and they can offer value-added service when it comes to troubleshooting and warranty registration. All the products they offer are AHRI certified, with a number being Energy Star certified.

Due to rapid digitalization, Air-Con International realized that it was no longer enough simply to have an online presence. They needed to ensure that their e-commerce store worked for them in all aspects, with the first and most important thing being to create a custom banner which will leave a memorable imprint in customers’ minds. To this purpose, they engaged SmartSites to come up with a modern web design that will suit their needs.

before and after launch

New and Improved E-Commerce Store

Today, it is important for e-commerce stores to load fast and look good on any device. Considering that a large number of users surf the web through mobile devices, ensuring device responsiveness is something that businesses cannot afford to overlook. With a custom web design catered towards the needs of e-commerce development, Air-Con International was able to benefit from a professional-looking website that conveyed all the right messages.

Creation of a Custom Banner

Every business needs a memorable logo that will stay fresh in customers’ minds long after they have left the website. With the printing & branding services offered by SmartSites, Air-Con International has incorporated custom banners onto their website. With their new banner, the air-con retailer was able to craft a unique brand identity, increase brand awareness and make their business more recognizable to customers – past, present, and future. This allows them to stand out from competitors and make the strongest impact possible.

new website graphics

Thoughtfully Selected Graphics and Animation

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and businesses should never underestimate the effect of graphics & digital animation on their websites. Air-Con International recognized that they needed to make use of visually appealing images to draw customers in and give them a better idea of the products they offer. The result is a web design that delivers the best of both professionalism and visual appeal.

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