6 Websites To Get Inspired About Logo Design & Branding

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

6 Websites To Get Inspired About Logo Design & Branding

If you are searching for logo design blogs on the Internet, you may only find a handful that actually focus on key branding elements for designing logos. When it comes to logo design and branding, you have to ensure that your logos encapsulate your unique identity as well as create a sense of familiarity and trust in the minds of your audience.

You will also have to think about logo designs that complement your ongoing branding efforts as well as your overall web design. Remember that it is not all about visuals and aesthetics. To help you understand logo design and branding better, here are some websites where you can get more inspirations:

Inspiration Source #1: Lovely Package

With an origami-esque, heart shaped logo design, Lovely Package is a great source for logo design inspiration. If you are making and selling products such as wine, granola, coffee, liquor, beer, olive oil, and more, Lovely Package offers an easy and straightforward channel for you to learn more about what branding designers are doing these days and find branding inspiration.

Inspiration Source #2: Logo Design Love

If you love logos, you definitely want to be at Logo Design Love. This is a website that is completely devoted to logos. You will be able to learn how they can be incorporated into brand identities. The site features a large collection of brands and logos for visitors to explore. What’s more, you can purchase a 240-page book from Logo Design Love if you like to have something physical to reference from in your home or studio.

Inspiration Source #3: Serifs & Sans

If you are looking for branding inspiration, Serifs & Sans is one of the best places on the Internet to get inspired. With a blog that exudes fine minimalism, Serifs & Sans features collections after collections of photos. They also feature short information blurbs about the best branding and packaging designs. If you are a designer who is seeking your next visual muse, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful layouts here.

Inspiration Source #4: The Dieline

The Dieline is a personal blog project and the brainchild of Andrew Gibbs. Andrew created the site with hopes to document some of the best product or item packaging that exist in the world. It was not long before the site got its name; Dieline. Devoted to celebrating the package design industry, this site is perfect for any brand fanatic who is interested in branding and packaging. Here, you will be able to learn more about packaging design.

Inspiration Source #5: Branding Served

Branding Served is a popular and well-curated site that features the works of some of Behance’s most creative minds. The site offers exceptional convenience when you want to view what the outstanding artists have done. You never have to search through the entire site in a tiresome way. Branding Served has already done that for you and a hand-selected collection of the best stuff from Behance is showcased here.

Inspiration Source #6: I’m Just Creative

Yes, you definitely are; don’t underestimate yourself! Graham Smith is the creator of the “I’m Just Creative” blog that feature everything that has to do with brand identity. From branding news, typography to logo design, Smith has a stellar take on excellent branding work and a collection of inspiring images. Seriously, do check out I’m Just Creative! Smith has tons of insightful and interesting info about the world of logos and brands.