5 Ways to Help You Impress Your Clients

Elizabeth Reyn

Signing a contract with clients is the gateway to a business’s success. While the first phone call is crucial in further piquing their interest in your business, the first meeting will secure their confidence in you and your services.

This doesn’t mean you need to wipe down the entire office with Lysol, fill the air with lavender, or force your co-workers to plaster smiles on their faces. But if gaining their trust means perking up your attitude with a little coffee, you better run to Starbucks before your meeting, and fast.

Here are five things every business owner must do while stepping into that important meeting with a client.

1) Treat Clients Like Royalty

When a client walks in, he/she should feel like the most important person in the room. And why not? They chose your business out of many because they were impressed with what you were offering and wanted more information.

Be ready for a client’s walk-in ten minutes before your meeting. Greet them at the door with a smile and an enthusiastic handshake. Have coffee, water, or a snack available in the conference room. Show your client that you value his/her time and are excited to see what your business can do for their needs.

2) Be Knowledgeable

Your client will want to sign with a business he/she feels can provide them with the most accurate answers to their questions.  When your client walks in, he/she will most likely have some questions about the products or services, payment plans, or anything else related to your business or website. Be prepared to answer questions. Jot down some notes ahead of time if you need to. Show your clients that you prepared as best as possible for the meeting.

3) Don’t Oversell

The worst thing you can do during a meeting is bombard clients with information about your business before they can tell you what they’re looking for. While it is important to give clients the most comprehensive information about your business, they are most likely not interested in being sold on services they are not seeking. You can ask them if they want more details, but if they don’t, move on. Listen attentively throughout and offer suggestions based  on the requests for their website.

4) Maintain a Positive Attitude

Clients are more responsive to friendly faces and appreciate business leaders who present the entire way through in an earnest and eager manner. Don’t be afraid to crack (appropriate and fitted) jokes, tell anecdotes, or keep up a high energy level throughout your presentation.  Make eye contact with them the entire way through and do not go on tangents.  Keeping the presentation centered on your client shows that you have their needs in mind and know to talk and listen.

5) Follow Up in a Week

After any client meeting, if no decision was reached, follow up in a week with a courtesy phone call. This is a great way to make yourself memorable to clients and show them that their decision is important to you. Even if they politely decline, be as friendly as you were throughout the meeting and thank them for their time. If they sign, you know you did something right. Whatever it is keep it in mind for future meetings.