5 Ways Why Infographics Are Better Than Plain Text Content

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content


Infographics are the visual representation of facts and statistics organized in the shape of diagrams, charts and tables. Presenting your readers the data in this manner can have a positive influence on how your content is received, understood, shared and remembered. Let’s find out why these handy little tools can are excellent ways to make your content stick around.

Social Networks Prefer Media Content Over Text

We can all agree that media content (pictures, videos, gifs, etc.) is the darling of social networks. This type of content is shared two times more than their text counterpart. Since having your content shared by more users can promote your company’s visibility online, you’ll want to use the tool that comes out on top.

Infographics have a Natural Tendency to go Viral

The direct result of having a higher number of shares across the social networks is that your content has a better chance of going viral if you transform it into an infographic. When viewers enjoy reading it and believe that others would benefit from the information, they will be motivated to share the content.

Our Brain Loves Infographics

Remember, studies show that less than 10% of the information that our brain receives comes from non-visual sources . Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the 90% of visual stimuli to make sure your viewers really take in the content you share? That’s where infographics come in!

Much Easier to Understand and Remember

Your audience is also much more likely to understand and remember what they read on infographics. The ability to understand the data is directly related to how long it will be remembered. If you’re talking numbers and statistics, people remember it for longer. Otherwise, your content will be be forgotten much more quickly.

Our Attention Span Favors Infographics

Compared to an infographic, a long article isn’t as appealing, because it is at odds with the short attention spans of internet users. You can test this theory anytime by posting the same content in the infographic and plain text form, then see which one performs better.

Infographics are Good… But Infographics With Content are Even Better!

We have shown you why infographics are often superior to their plain text counterpart, but that doesn’t mean you should only use lots of infographics and trash the idea of writing text content for your site. Most search engines, such as Google, are text based and they will process more easily while ranking your site. The best solution is to stick to unique, high quality text content while including infographics along the way. Talk to us at SmartSites if you want to learn more!