5 Useful iOS Apps For Webmasters and Business Owners

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

5 Useful iOS Apps For Webmasters and Business Owners

If you want to increase your workflow and productivity, thus improving the success of your website and therefore the success of your business… then your iPhone has you covered. Since the release of the first iPhone, the specs and power behind the smartphone have increased dramatically and the power and versatility of the apps offered have done the same. Today there are countless apps available and many are just as powerful as the software you might expect to get on a PC. The only difference? They’re also cheaper, easier to use and in your pocket 24/7.

Here are some of the best iPhone apps for webmasters and business owners.


WordPress is by far the best CMS for webmasters and business owners, and the incredible app only cements its position at the top. Among other things, the WordPress app allows users to upload and edit posts, to quickly upload pictures, to install new themes and respond to comments. All while you’re commuting to work or stuck in a queue at the bank. Pretty useful!

Color Picker

We’ve spoken at length on this blog about the importance of choosing the right color palettes and combinations. ‘Colors Picker’ makes this process much easier by letting you find color codes (great for communicating with your web designers) and even select colors from your photographs, meaning you can grab colors that catch your eye where you are.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute must-have tool for webmasters, allowing you to see how much traffic your site is getting, where that traffic is coming from and much more. With the app in your pocket you can be more in tune with your site’s performance at any time and see how it changes moment-to-moment.


Website or no, every business owner should be using Evernote. This is the premier note-taking app that has a myriad of features and makes it incredibly easy to grab notes and view them from any device. Evernote has perhaps the best cross-compatibility of any note-taking app, and it even allows you to take photos and convert those photos into notes using built-in OCR (optical character recognition). In short, you can use Evernote to make your workflow much more efficient and to help you keep track of your to-do list.

FTPManager Free

An FTP is what you use in order to access the server that houses the files needed for your website. This is a prime example of a piece of software available on iPhone that’s just as good as what you’d get on a PC.

While you’ll normally be able to leave jobs requiring FTP to your web designers, from time to time you might still decide to access your files to make quick changes, or to use your server as a place to store or backup data. In short, the ability to quickly access files on the move is a life-saver.

There are many more great apps for iTunes besides these including Dropbox, Office Mobile, OneNote, design apps, IFTTT and many more. Take a look and you might be surprised how much you can do through that little phone!