5 Tips That Will Increase Your Conversions

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

5 Tips That Will Increase Your Conversions

For a business, a website is ultimately a means to an end. And what is that end? While brand visibility and reputation is important, the main goal of any website is always going to be to create conversions. In other words, your objective is to get people who visit your website to make purchases, sign up to subscriptions or hire you for your services. This is what gives a website its ROI and when done well, it can greatly increase your turnover and profits.

It stands to reason then that everything you do on your site should ultimately be designed to serve this goal. Everything you do, should be with the ultimate aim of increasing conversions. Here are five things you can do right now to satisfy that objective.


An image can tell a thousand words and this is something important to remember when you’re trying to maximize the impact of your landing page. Images are fantastic at demonstrating your value proposition and selling the emotion that will ultimately drive sales of your product or service. Find pictures that demonstrate how you can improve your customers’ lives and you will have their attention.

Social Proof

Social proof means testimonials, reviews, likes, shares and other signs that your product is one that can benefit customers. In short, this should be the evidence that you really can deliver on your value proposition and it’s one of the most powerful benefits of using social media well in your marketing.


Having a guarantee is a fantastic way to remove any risk involved in buying your product. If you say that you will unreservedly provide a full discount on your products or services should they not be up to standard, then people will have no reason not to spend money with you and see if you can really deliver. Sure, you’ll have one or two people who take advantage of your offer, but most people will be honest and probably too lazy to try and get a refund. This is a great way to combat ‘loss aversion‘.

Clarity in Web Design

The right web design makes a huge difference to your conversions for several reasons. One of the most important aspects though is the clarity in focus. If your website is too cluttered and hard to navigate, then your visitors won’t know where to start. If your aim is to drive conversions then, your whole site should be ‘funneling’ visitors to your checkout page. Adding other pages and options will only serve as distractions and end up losing potential customers.

The Feedback Loop

In order to make your site as effective as possible in making conversions, you need to take a precise and scientific approach to its evolution. This means keeping an eye on your statistics and gradually making tweaks to the layout, copy and other elements to see how they impact the effectiveness of your site. Keep the changes that work and discard those that don’t; this way, your site will evolve into the perfect conversion machine. There are many tools to help with this. Using ‘goals’ in Google Analytics for example is a great place to start.