5 Tips For Testing Your Magento eCommerce Extensions

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

5 Tips For Testing Your Magento eCommerce Extensions

eCommerce is known as the trading of goods and services via the Internet. Today, eCommerce platforms are developing by leaps and bounds. An increasing number of customers are becoming more online savvy and prefer to shop online. That’s why it’s important that traditional businesses consider entering the online market. Nowadays, major online stores are using Magento. Magento is a multi-functional and versatile eCommerce platform that offers exceptional flexibility due to its modular architecture.

Are You Using Any Magento eCommerce Extensions?

If so, you must test these extensions first before fully integrating them into your online store. You see; the more functions a platform provides (through extensions), the more vulnerable it can become. Hence, intensive testing is pertinent for all Magento eCommerce extensions to prevent end-users from experiencing errors and online ‘defects’. Don’t know how to start testing? Let’s find out more!

Test to Ensure Checkout Pages are Working Correctly

A decimal point at the wrong place will cause inconvenience to you and your customers. They may unknowingly pay the wrong sum for a certain product. If they paid too much for a product, they may become unhappy and retaining them as customers may become increasingly difficult. If they pay less for a product, it means you are making a loss.

That’s why it’s important to test your checkout pages, especially if you are using third-party extensions. You need to ensure that the checkout extension calculation system is working properly; for example, it automatically deducts a certain amount when your customers enter a gift card, promotion or voucher code.

Test to Ensure Every Payment Method is Working Properly

It is pertinent that you set up a payment test account on your Magento platform. All online store owners have to test their payment process before going live. Other than checking to ensure that the payment process is clear and concise to the customer, testing for invoice printout, order fulfillment, etc., are also equally important.

Test to Ensure Your Site Can Handle High Traffic

When it comes to performance testing, or stress testing your Magento site, you may need to simulate the HTTP requests that can be generated by hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users. You need to check if the additional extensions you have installed are affecting your web server performance. If your site is underperforming under excessive loads, you should consider doing some spring cleaning. Uninstall extensions that are preventing you from providing critical information and services at speeds your customers expect.

Test to Ensure Every Magento eCommerce Extension is Compatible with Other Extensions

When it comes to testing extension compatibility, opting for the manual route can be pretty tiresome. In this case, it is recommended that you utilize a trusted extension conflict application to deal with numerous extensions installed one after another. Fret not for you can disable these testing extensions after the job is done. In most cases, these extensions can list all conflicts with installed extensions as well as test an extension before allowing it to be installed.

Test to Ensure Your Site Works Across All Browsers and Devices

Mobile testing and cross browser testing are important elements of the quality control phase of any web design and development project. As you review your site on different screen resolutions, browsers and devices, you need to ensure it behaves precisely as desired (visually) and all vital functions of the application are working properly.