5 Successful Corporate Twitter Accounts (And What We Can Learn From Them)

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

5 Successful Corporate Twitter Accounts (And What We Can Learn From Them)

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for a business to communicate with its customers and build their brand. Twitter is a social media platform that offers huge potential benefits compared to the relatively low amount of upkeep required. Twitter posts are short which makes them quick and easy to create, have great viral potential and are highly consumable for followers.

Many major corporations have used Twitter to boost brand recognition, bolster sales and cement relationships with their consumers. Not every corporate Twitter account is such a success story though, so it would pay to learn from the success stories.

Here, we will look at five examples of highly successful corporate Twitter accounts, and what we can learn from them.


Whatever you think of the drink, you can’t fault the marketing department at CocaCola. Definitely not content with inventing the popular image of Santa Claus, (or not, but either way it’s an impressive urban legend) Coca Cola is also the third largest brand in the world. They also have a Twitter account with over 2.6 million followers. That’s pretty impressive.

What are some of the hallmarks of their success? Well apart from their initial fame, which no doubt have gave them a head start, the company Tweets regularly—up to 60 Tweets a day, with about 1 billion impressions a month—and creates engaging and highly sharable content. The company makes great ad campaigns and will then share those through Twitter and retweet posts from followers. These are much more sharable than your average ‘boring day in the office’ Tweet and the engagement follows directly from that.


JetBlue is an airline with over 1.6 million followers which is impressive for a relatively unglamorous industry. Among their successes is their willingness to accept mistakes and offer apologies, as well as their interaction with followers. JetBlue is a good example of using social media as it was intended – for communication.


Starbucks’ Twitter profile currently has 6.63 million followers and counting. They have used a number of smart strategies to achieve this position. Take a look at their account and you’ll see a large number of images that make their coffee seem very tempting like. ‘Any one of these and a good book‘) or similar tweets with a lot of personality, and a ton of giveaways are a great to get and engage followers.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell seems to have a lot of fun on Twitter which their 1.35 million followers seem to appreciate. They have been known to share negative Tweets about their brand in a playful way and to ask for their followers’ help in getting into trending topics. It seems that being real and having fun is once again the take-home message, as well as not being afraid to ask your followers for help.


Charmin was recently ranked by Time as the ‘sassiest brand’ on Twitter. They once again use humor to great effect (got to love the hashtag ‘tweetfromtheseat’) and seem to enjoy engaging in banter with the general public and other brands alike. When you think that Tweeting a brand might actually get you an entertaining answer, you tend to be more likely to do so!

For more advice on why people follow brands on Twitter, see this recent post from the social media giants themselves to get their inside scoop. Otherwise, keep checking back here for more great SEO and online marketing advice!