5 Smart Ways To Get Backlinks That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

5 Smart Ways To Get Backlinks That You Might Not Have Thought Of

In many ways, link building forms the backbone of SEO. While algorithms have come and gone over the years, what’s always remained is a big emphasis on the number and quality of links pointing towards your website. These act as crucial indicators to Google that your site is considered an authority by other web users and they help lead the spiders to your pages in the first place so that they can be crawled and indexed.

And let’s not forget the original use of backlinks either: to bring direct traffic in to your site from a resource that has lots of readers. SEO-or-not, the right link on a high profile blog can lead to hundreds of thousands of visitors overnight.

Unfortunately though, acquiring backlinks is getting increasingly difficult. Today, Google manually penalized a large number of blog networks and while organic guest posting remains a good option, it does require a lot of work and luck. Fortunately there are some other strategies you can use that are a little less well-known but still highly effective.


Interviews are great for SEO in general because the person you’re interviewing will likely have a built-in audience who will want to read that content. On top of this though, they also have the benefit of being a form of promotion and validation for your interviewee. And what that means, is that you’ll find they often link to your interviews and promote the page for free in order to benefit themselves.

Writing Reviews

A similarly effective technique is to write reviews for products and services that aren’t that ‘big’ yet. If the review is good, then the business behind that product might well link to your site along with a quote to serve as an endorsement. If they don’t contact you for that reason, then you can try contacting them instead.

Participating in Forums

If you participate in forums, then you’ll find this has a lot of benefits for your SEO objectives. Among other things, this will help you to network with other people in your industry and if you develop a reputation for being reliable and informative, then you might find that people are more likely to share your content on their own sites when you tell them about it. Don’t underestimate the power of making good contacts. Here’s shedding some light on more ways to use forums for SEO.

Resource Articles

Writing a resource article is a great way to get people to link to your site. Google is currently encouraging bloggers to link outwards to sites they find useful, thereby providing extra reading for their visitors. If you write a huge article that can be considered the resource on that subject then, you’ll find that you’re often chosen as one of the sites to link to. Pick a topic that people want to cover but which hasn’t been completely explained by another good resource yet. Use references and go for size and you should discover that you will start attracting links.


Another thing that webmasters love linking to right now is infographics. If you have the skills, then this is another great resource you can provide that can add to numerous blog posts around the web. See this post for a little more on how to create stunning infographics.