5 Shopify Features Designed to Help Boost Sales

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Shopify features

As an entrepreneur, having an online presence is becoming more of a necessity, as more people use the Internet to make purchases. With the development of e-commerce, it has become much easier for one to set up an online store these days. With platforms like Shopify, setting up an online store is a breeze, and so is keeping it running. To keep being competitive, one has to fully understand what Shopify features would be most useful to them. This in turn means having an understanding of the workings of the service. There are a few basic features that you definitely need to know about to increase your sales, no matter what kind of store you are running. These include:

Understanding Top Shopify Features to Increase Sales

The Abandoned Cart Recovery Feature

This is one of the most useful features on Shopify. It is estimated that overall, close to 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned due to not completing the checkout. This stems from a variety of reasons from internet blackouts, to people simply forgetting to complete the checkout. The abandoned cart feature on Shopify enables you to keep track of these incidences and allows you to contact the relevant customers and remind them of their pending purchases. You will definitely find a surge in sales using this feature.

Customer Profile Creation

It is important to know just a little bit more about your customers, so that you can interact with them more and streamline your business. This also allows you to increase your sales. One of the Shopify features available to you is the customer profile creation feature, which easily allows you to see the details of your past customers. This allows you to get more business from them by allowing activities such as sending targeted emails, offering special discounts to select customers and more.

The Use of Discount Codes

Offering discounts is one of the easiest ways to entice people to buy more from your online store. Creating and offering discount codes is an effective way to approach this. With many other online store platforms, incorporating discount codes is a messy process that requires you to edit many things, which puts you at risk of ruining the performance of the site.

With Shopify, the process is streamlined and mostly automated, so you can set up the system within a matter of minutes. The complete control offered over the codes also reduces the chances of making mistakes, such as overdoing it to the point of getting huge losses. The best thing is that you don’t need to know much about coding or web design to incorporate discount codes on a Shopify online store.

Automatic Calculation of Shipping Prices

To create a better customer experience, it’s important to ensure that buyers are not hit by unexpected charges during or after checkout. Shopify automatically finds out the true shopping costs of an item to any location in real-time, eliminating the chances of this happening. By the time a customer is checking out, they will know the exact shipping costs.

Creating and Selling Gift Cards

For special occasions such as holidays, you can easily create and sell gift cards on a Shopify online store. This is one of the easiest Shopify features to use and sets your online store apart from many others. This can also act as an alternate revenue stream.