5 Product Manufacturers and Retailers Winning on YouTube

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

5 Product Manufacturers and Retailers Winning on YouTube

YouTube is a platform that offers great opportunities for companies looking to spread the word about their products and services. Videos have perhaps one of the best chances of going viral when compared with images or even content and the fact that they’re so engaging and so efficient in conveying a message only makes them even more potent.

Here, we will look at five great examples from product manufacturers and retailers. These companies stand to earn some of the very best ROI through their social media campaigns seeing as they are directly selling products to their audiences. As many of our readers are likely to be selling products too, these also serve as particularly valuable examples.


Blendtec is one of the original companies to take full advantage of the viral marketing potential of YouTube and it all stemmed from one little phrase: ‘will it blend?’. The company satisfied the general public’s appetite for destruction by featuring a vast range of products being dropped into a blender and shred to pieces. Not only does this have an obvious visual appeal, but it also cleverly demonstrates the power of the blender. Best of all, this campaign would have cost barely anything for truly impressive ROI.


Gamestop is a video game retailer that uses the channel to show trailers as well as behind-the-scenes footage of various games. This is simply smart marketing, seeing as so many gamers search for gaming-related videos on YouTube and channels like IGN are so popular.

Best Buy

Best Buy‘s aggressive YouTube marketing campaign involves not one but eight different YouTube channels, all promoting different aspects of the business. These include ‘Geek Squad computer repair’, ‘Napster music’ and others. If your business is somewhat schizophrenic with a range of products or services, then you might consider a similar approach.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed, Bath and Beyond has a straightforward approach to their YouTube marketing. The retailers shave hundreds of videos demonstrating their various products and have sorted all of them into convenient playlists by category. This is another useful approach if your business has numerous product categories.


OfficeMax utilizes YouTube primarily to build brand awareness on YouTube. Their company logo is a rubber band ball (who doesn’t enjoy making them?) and one of their most successful video involved unveiling the world’s largest rubber band ball.

This is a similar strategy to ‘Will it Blend’, both of which rely on a common formula: take a product that’s related to your brand and then do something unique with it. People love watching creative, humorous and clever content and who knows your products better than you do? Think about the theme of your business and then try to imagine creative and fun ways to convey that through a video.

So there you go, those are five companies who are using YouTube to its fullest to help shift their products. How does a video (or hundreds of them) help you to sell your stock? Well, learn from these guys!