5 Online Marketing Trend Predictions For 2016

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content


2016 is almost upon us and this is a perfect time to recap and wrap up all that had happened in 2015. This year, we have seen the continuing rise of Instagram and Snapchat. Additionally, internet usage through mobile devices managed to top traditional desktop search and social media commerce platforms reach maturity. With the New Year closing in, let’s take a look at what 2016 might have in store for you.

After all, it will be easier for you to customize your marketing tactics when you have in mind what’s hot and what’s not. You will always want to be sure that you are focusing your efforts on the right avenues where you will be able to make the biggest possible impact. If you are planning out your business’s marketing activities for the first quarter of 2016, read on to find out more on the online marketing trends that will most likely actualize next year!

Increased Usage of YouTube and Twitter

The potential of these two social media powerhouses will continue to grow in 2016 as strong online marketing platforms. More than three thousand marketers in various industries have mentioned that they will actually increase their use of both platforms to market their products and services to the masses around the world. The global outreach that these two platforms can achieve is indeed promising! We can only wait for now to see if they can hold up to their expectations.

Mobile Advertising will Get a Fair Share of Digital Ad Spend

While the growth in this area has been meteoric over the years and that digital ad spend hadn’t caught up yet, this is all set to change next year. The huge gap that exists between the amounts of ad spend and the time spent on mobile devices will reduce to a fair amount.

Expect More Digital Innovation from China

Silicon Valley does not have a monopoly on innovation anymore as China’s tech scene is thriving. With companies of different sizes being established ever so often, China is able to push past digital boundaries and grow even more in the near future. If you are in the mobile manufacturing industry, you might already be familiar with companies such as Xiaomi which has a majority stake of China’s domestic market.

Social commerce platforms such as Meilishuo and Mogujie have been successful at integrating sales, community and content together. With the scalability of China’s digital market, it is no surprise that Tencent’s WeChat could send out one billion digital red envelopes to their consumers on the eve of Chinese New Year.

Technology is Set to Change Many Sectors

In modern times, consumer life has been revolutionized by digital and online marketing tools. Many other areas of the diverse economy are still operating the same way as they have for many years. But in 2016, the expansion of digital tools will change everything. The impact that Internet has will change sectors such as the healthcare, security, education, business, government and consumer industries where the latter is predicted to experience major changes.

Marketing Budgets – Facebook will Have a Bigger Share

Although it has been mentioned that more marketing experts are interested to use YouTube and Twitter, Facebook will still rank higher in the arena of future digital ad spend. Compared to YouTube and Twitter, Facebook will make up more than 50% of the market’s share of ad spend.