5 Of The Most Successful Blogs That Run On WordPress

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

5 Of The Most Successful Blogs That Run On WordPress

WordPress is very often the best choice for Content Management System (CMS) for new businesses looking to create their own websites. Through WordPress, you can very easily create either a full website or a blog-style site, you can create any design or layout you want and you can utilize thousands of powerful plugins to add new features and functionality to your site.

Better yet, WordPress makes setting all this up incredibly simple and easy. And when you combine this with the fact that there is such wide support for the platform, there’s really no reason to go any other way.

And choosing to build a site in WordPress does not mean creating a ‘lite’ option. To help inspire confidence that your site can achieve its full potential, it might interest you to know that many of the top sites and blogs run on the same platform. WordPress is SEO-friendly right out of the box and makes it easy to utilize a tried and tested design language that visitors respond to.

Here, we will look at five of the very most successful WordPress sites, as well as what makes them such big hits and what you can learn from them.


TechCrunch is a site that discusses technology news, reviewing new devices and providing the latest updates on the industry for fans of gadgets and apps. It’s a very well designed site that manages to pack a lot of content in without looking cramped. Its success comes largely from its regular updates as well as its presence across various social media channels – especially YouTube where it uploads regular new videos.

BBC America

The BBC is a pretty well respected brand, showing that even very big organizations are happy to put their trust in WordPress. They’ve used the platform to create a stark, black and white site with a narrow design featuring the latest content front and center.

Sony Music

Sony Music has a site that is less about packing information into a small space and more about showcasing labels and talent. They benefit from a more minimalist design than some of the others, with a color palette that evokes the Sony brand expertly, all easily done through the power of WordPress.


Another well respected brand that uses its site to provide news and updates in a more minimalist layout. Again, the brand’s colors are used throughout the site while great typography (including print-like serifs) makes the posts easy and enjoyable to read. It’s a shame that the site is a little ad-heavy these days though.

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a small blog on earning money online that nevertheless made its owner very rich, demonstrating how you also don’t need to be a big business with lots of assets to succeed with WordPress. The site has a very beginner-friendly opening page, which hides a more conventional blog full of big images and large, crisp text.

Those are just five examples of sites doing incredibly well with WordPress but there are many more besides those few. There’s absolutely no reason why your business can’t do the same one day!