4 Top Facebook Pages For Ecommerce

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

4 Top Facebook Pages For Ecommerce

For any business, online promotion should be an integral part of the marketing strategy and is a highly important area to invest in. While every company should invest in online marketing however, this becomes even more important for ecommerce sites. Ecommerce sites are those that sell products directly from their website, and so by getting more visitors who can immediately make a purchase, they can see a huge ROI for things like SEO, CPC advertising and social media marketing.

Looking at that latter option, Facebook provides a particularly effective platform for promoting products. Not only does a Facebook page give ecommerce sites the ability to leverage the trust and recommendations of pre-existing real-world social networks (thus making items desirable that perhaps people weren’t already searching for), but it also enables them to make even more direct conversions as the pages can actually contain in-built online stores.

Here are some of the most effective Facebook pages owned by ecommerce companies or companies that have an ecommerce element.


Walmart is a giant of store and its success in ecommerce has been putting many local stores out of business. Their Facebook page is just as successful, featuring lots of photographs and a host of apps to encourage engagement. They’re currently ‘going orange’ to fight hunger, and promotions like this have helped them to reach a massive 34,761,671 likes.


Nike knows how to make a Facebook page look the part. With a simple black and white appearance that speaks to the brand and their logo ‘Just Do It’ blazoned across the cover image, their page feels immediately trendy and evocative. Heavy use of Instagram also helps synergize their social media efforts and add even more visual flare to the page. Like all the best Facebook pages, there are links to multiple other social media accounts easily available too.


The NBA makes full use of its Facebook page with a highly popular store in-built where they sell apparel and other items. This is popular in part thanks to the NBA’s excellent use of Instagram and a ton of great posts which helped the page to receive 25,924,659 likes.


Amazon is the big player when it comes to ecommerce, so they’re worth mentioning here. Amazon’s Facebook page has acquired 25,238,083 likes at the time of writing, which is impressive, but could be better when you compare that to Walmart. Their page attracts likes thanks to a number of competitions and giveaways, but it’s otherwise a little bland compared to the competition. It’s clear that Facebook is not a priority for Amazon who spend around a million dollars daily on AdSense and do a lot of TV advertising – it’s this marketing that has led to their Facebook page succeeding rather than direct investment into social media.

What can you learn from these Facebook pages then if you have an ecommerce site of your own? The key it seems, is synergy with other social media accounts, a built-in store, great images and a strong brand identity. If you feel that your eCommerce business lacks any of these factors, let SmartSites help you today.