4 Online Marketing Tools You Can Try This Year

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

4 Online Marketing Tools You Can Try This Year

These days, maintaining a dialogue between influencers, customers, brands, and various other stakeholders are essential to building a sound SEO strategy. With that in mind, there is a greater need to generate more shareable and relevant real-time content for all digital platforms. Wouldn’t you want to drive more traffic to your websites and landing pages in a consistent manner? Check out some of the top online marketing tools you can try in 2017:


Narrow is a stellar online marketing tool that allows you to identify your target audience on Twitter. The work needed is simple as you only need to add keywords in the form of hashtags, websites, or names of influencers. With the information you have provided, Narrow will proceed to highlight tweets that are relevant to your marketing efforts and track the ideal users for your brand. This means you are killing two birds with one stone: you increase your number of followers and increase the exposure of your Twitter account. Narrow offers three categories for their services: Basic, Pro, and Business. Before you commit to any plan, it is recommended that you go for the free trials beforehand.

Colibri IO

Need to find and manage numerous customers conversations online? Is the current platform you are using taking up too much time? Could that time be used to process actual orders? Colibri IO is an excellent email marketing and sales platform that will save you lots of time in finding and participating in online conversations that benefit your online marketing campaigns. You will be able to send email newsletters and other relevant publications to your target audience, ensuring they receive the same message.

Whether you are targeting Facebook or Twitter followers, Colibri IO makes introducing your brand and offering impressive solutions to your customers easier. Get started on contacting your leads and prospects directly, and influencing their purchase decisions today!


One of the best ways to market one’s brand is to find the right influencers and endorsers to talk about it. This is highly beneficial for any business because the owners are attaining positive press coverage. So, how can one identify the right focus group who is interested in their brand? An array of online marketers has been using JustReachOut to find influencers and pitch their stories to them.

When you use JustReachOut, always remember to enter keywords that best describe your brand and/or product. Based on your input, the tool can accurately skim through the Internet and find bloggers, reporters, and writers who create content for businesses such as yours.


To ensure your brand’s growth, it is pertinent that you stay constantly in touch with your customers. If you are seeking solutions to help you personalize and automate the conversations that you have with your target audience, a tool like Customer.io shouldn’t be missed. One of the key features of this tool is their ability to help you send automatic emails to customers based on what they clicked on your website and other choices. For instance, your customers will be automatically notified if they forget to purchase the products and services that were added to their shopping carts. This way, you will never miss a sale.

Online marketing tools, whether free or paid, have their limitations. If you prefer a well-rounded online marketing plan that promises real results, it is much more effective to leave these online marketing tasks to the SmartSites team.