30 Best Review Management Software for Small Businesses

Michael Melen
Michael Melen


30 Best Review Management Software for Small Businesses

An online review management software allows organizations to keep track of their users’ and customers’ reviews while promoting positive experiences through their review platforms. Small businesses that are hoping to increase their brand presence through online consumer reviews will use a variety of review management software to capture both positive and negative experiences. Whether it is through an email, website, or an advertising campaign, a review management software offers a platform for users to submit their reviews according to their experiences. It will, therefore, allow marketing teams and companies to interpret their business’s online reputation and help them improve accordingly.

Software and Services Related to Review Management Software

There are several software and services that contribute to review management software. These software and services include:

  • Social media monitoring software – An online review management software that provides social media monitoring features and assists businesses in picking up specific keywords or brands that are mentioned across social media platforms. Small businesses that use social media monitoring software will be able to analyze their consumers’ sentiments and respond accordingly to either positive or negative experiences.
  • Product reviews software – Businesses that are involved in e-Commerce tend to use product reviews software to help measure customer satisfaction by identifying satisfied and unsatisfied customers. With this information, companies can look toward improving their products and customer services to increase their online reputation.
  • Local listing management software – As online reviews are becoming an important factor for local businesses that often rely on word of mouth, online presence, and reputation, most review management software may contain local listing management as well. Such features will allow companies to update and manage their online listing across several platforms such as websites, apps, and directories to improve their SEO and customer experiences.

Without further ado, here are the top 30 review management software that can help your small businesses create tons of positive customer experiences.

1. NiceJob11. Digital Air Strike21. Vendasta
2. Yotpo12. ReviewTrackers22. Grab Your Reviews
3. REVIEWS.io13. Podium23. JustReview
4. Okendo14. Swell24. ReviewFlowz
5. Thryv15. Reputation.com25. SOCi
6. Yext16. Weave26. Shopper Approved
7. Trustpilot17. Grade.us27. Chekkit
8. Chatmeter18. Score My Reviews28. EyeRate
9. Broadly19. ClearlyRated29. Nicereply
10. Birdeye20. Oggvo30. ClientCircle

#1 NiceJob


NiceJob is a cloud-based review management solution that helps services businesses and B2B companies manage reviews. It is a platform that is recognized as one of the best ways to achieve more sales and a top-rated business. By using your customer’s reviews and photos, NiceJob will automate social media marketing, improve your SEO results, online presence, website traffic, and sales. There are several features that are included in NiceJob such as review invitations, reputation monitoring, website integration, review reminders, and more. Furthermore, users can create personalized stories by using comments, photos, and tags in their reviews. These stories can then be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you are looking for a reliable review management software, NiceJob offers its services via a monthly subscription and their support can be contacted through live chat, online help desk, email, and more!

Interested users can request a referral from SmartSites. The benefits include free review management software usage for 14 days and $50 off your first month of subscription.

Client Reviews

  • NiceJob provided our company with an automated platform and that is user-friendly to achieve the opinions of our users.
  • It provides hassle-free management that allows our company to send reviews to our clients as well.
  • Additionally, it provides follow-up emails and helps us track our reviews.
  • NiceJob has an auto-share review function on our social media platform as well as on our company’s website.

#2 Yotpo


Yotpo is an industry leading eCommerce marketing platform that offers a plethora of data-driven solutions for reviews, SMS marketing, loyalty, and more. Empowered to create experiences that can sustain consumers’ relationships, Yotpo offers seamless integration to social media platforms and major search engines. This review management platform is ideal for Shopify users. Yotpo officially entered a multi-year platform partnership with Shopify in 2021. You can expect it to release new and improved features on a regular basis.

Client Reviews 

  • Yotpo provided our company with a loyalty and rewards program that is easy to set up and has helped us weave organic online reviews into our website.
  • Review request emails are automated which allow these reviews to go through a verification check to prevent fake reviews.
  • Yotpo allows our clients to upload images that are often helpful for other online visitors to see and assist them in making better decisions.



If you are operating an eCommerce business, REVIEWS.io can provide your company with various online marketing solutions as well as a broad range of review collection features. REVIEWS.io is an online review management software that helps organizations build their online presence, connect companies to their new and existing clients as well as encourage strong consumer relationships. Through genuine feedback collection, consumer trust will in turn lead to potential sales conversion. REVIEWS.io can be integrated into most types of tech stacks, including custom sites. Because it is a Google-licensed review management tool, users can collect seller ratings for their Google Shopping listings and Google Tex Ads.

Client Reviews

  • REVIEWS.io offers a platform that is easy to navigate with tons of advanced features that are straightforward and user-friendly.
  • The amount of reviews generated by REVIEWS.io has allowed our team to see a significant increase in positive experiences.
  • The integration of social media platforms is simple, making it easy to generate great content.

#4 Okendo


Okendo is trusted by numerous organizations and has helped various industries capture and showcase customer reviews, ratings, feedbacks Q&A, and more. With seamless integration into social media platforms and multi-channel marketing strategies, Okendo can certainly help you optimize all aspects of your eCommerce business.

Client Reviews 

  • With the help of Okendo, we are able to understand our customer’s point of view and make the necessary improvement to our products and services.
  • Clients who have browsed through our reviews can make better-informed decisions before purchasing our products. 

#5 Thryv


Designed for small businesses, Thryv offers an end-to-end review management software that can help you get the job done and manage it from a single device. It is a software that helps organizations automate tasks and put their customers as a priority. Thryv ensures that businesses can reach their customers easily, stay organized, and assists potential clients in deciding through ratings and reviews. Additionally, Thryve offers a plethora of features such as text reminders, instant interaction, payment modes, and more.

Client Reviews

  • Thryve offers a great tool for any business and their customer service is always eager to assist our concerns.
  • Thryve review management software allows our team to keep track of all our new and existing customers conveniently.
  • Their support team provides exceptional technical support and is great at clarifying our doubts whenever we run into issues.
  • Additionally, Thryve delivers a great social media publishing platform that offers seamless integration with our site.

#6 Yext


Yext helps small businesses put their facts online, with accurate information, consistent answers, and brand-verified details to consumer questions. By delivering authoritative information from organizations, Yext can help connect potential clients to companies around the globe, capturing consumer intent, engagement, reviews, and more. 

Clients Reviews

  • Yext offers easy-to-build integrations with our company’s internal systems.
  • The support staff is exceptional in every way, resolving any concerns and doubts that arise.
  • Yext delivers immediate feedback and reviews that allow our product team to make the necessary adjustments accordingly.

#7 Trustpilot


Trustpilot offers a review management tool that helps businesses connect and build relationships with their clients and potential customers. Their features include an automatic review collection process, feedback, and improvement on organic search results that can amplify your business’s online presence.

Clients Reviews

  • Trustpilot offers easy integration to our Shopify website.
  • Provides automatic email to our new customers after they have made purchases.
  • Provides a clear and concise way of replying to our clients and helps keep track of who and who has not been replied to.
  • We have achieved numerous reviews on the same day after Trustpilot was implemented.

#8 Chatmeter


Chatmeter is a local brand review management platform that helps several organizations measure and improve their overall marketing effectiveness. By analyzing online visibility and reputation, Chatmeter will benchmark your company’s performance against your local competitors by providing recommendations through interactive features and instant email alerts. With online visibility and the collection of customers’ experiences, small businesses can achieve a greater online presence.

Client Reviews

  • Chatmeter allows easy access to our company’s reviews from multiple websites and social media platforms.
  • The ability to view all reviews in one place allows us as an organization to connect effectively with our clients.
  • By having critical feedback and experiences, Chatmeter has enabled us to create better customer loyalty and experiences.

#9 Broadly


Broadly offers an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app that helps businesses gain reviews, interact with customers, capture leads, and receive payments as well. Trusted by numerous local small businesses, Broadly provides a review management platform that makes it easy for companies to connect with their customers and strengthen their relationships.

Client Reviews

  • Since being in partnership with Broadly, our business has achieved several uplifting reviews that encourage us to go the extra mile for our clients!
  • The firsthand customer experiences are easy to keep track of, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • The ability to track our clients’ reviews and communication in a single platform has brought the utmost convenience to our team.

#10 Birdeye


Birdeye is known as an all-in-one platform that provides organizations with various tools to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers. It helps connect small businesses with their clients through text messaging, reviews, and listings by offering an end-to-end customer experience with insights tools, ticketing surveys, and more.

Client Reviews

  • Birdeye’s templates are easy to set up and each client can share their experiences easily on social media platforms and on our company’s website.
  • Birdeye helps us maintain accurate stored data across multiple websites.
  • With an increase in our Google review count, Birdeye has brought convenience to our customers by helping them make important decisions based on peer reviews.

#11 Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike delivers high-quality review generation and management software to help organizations improve their digital presence and online reputation. With state-of-the-art technology that attracts consumers all over the internet, Digital Air Strike can convert your potential visitors into buyers while improving your online reputation on major search engines and social media platforms.

Client Reviews

  • Digital Air Strike is a great product that is simple to use and easy to navigate.
  • The support team at DAS is quick to respond to our inquiries and resolve any issues we have encountered.

#12 ReviewTrackers


Reliable, easy-to-use, and accurate, ReviewTrackers is an award-winning review management platform that has helped more than 50,000 small businesses gain reliable feedback and provide exceptional customer experiences. ReviewTrackers are professionals in analyzing tons of online reviews and providing accurate information for businesses to interpret their customers’ demands. 

Client Reviews

  • ReviewTrackers local listing feature has helped our company save a lot of time.
  • Available 24/7, their support team is always eager to help us.
  • Our company has been using ReviewTrackers to analyze and collect reviews and it offers extreme convenience to access all feedback in one platform.

#13 Podium


From gathering reviews on-site, collecting payment via text, managing consumer’s messages, and more, Podium is an interactive review management software that uses various messaging applications to interact with your leads. With the Podium inbox, you can get in touch with customers and leads, achieve positive and negative feedback, as well as communicate with your team effectively. If you are looking to empower interaction and conversations in your business, Podium is your answer to put you ahead of the competition.

Client Reviews

  • Podium allows our company to reach our clients via text much quicker than a normal email.
  • Podium is an interactive software that allows us to not only communicate with our customers but track our progress in conversations, leads, and reviews as well.
  • Our conversations can be assigned to the correct department or team easily.

#14 Swell


Swell is recognized for capturing tons of reviews and feedback than other competing platforms while also providing organizations with tools to interact with customers and potential prospects in real-time. The more interaction and reviews a company has, the better it will look; thus, increasing a business’s rank in search engines.

Client Reviews 

  • Since partnering with Swell, our team has the ability to correspond with our clients and schedule the ideal type of appointment according to their needs.
  • Our clients can provide their reviews in a simple and straightforward manner through the platform.

#15 Reputation.com


Delivering an online review management platform for multiple industries, Reputation.com has helped several companies improve their online reviews, ratings, traffic, and monitor their progress through visits and revenue. Additionally, Reputation.com can help small businesses build and analyze their social engagement to achieve a greater online presence.

Client Reviews

  • Being able to view all feedback and reviews simultaneously from multiple websites has allowed our team to respond effectively and make improvements quickly.
  • By using Reputation.com, our notifications are sent promptly whenever a review is posted, allowing us to act quickly and respond to our customer’s concerns.
  • The response templates in Reputation.com are very useful if we are unsure of how to respond to our clients.

#16 Weave

Weave is a reliable business management and communications software that allows professionals to operate their companies remotely. The platform is popular among small and medium businesseses in the accounting, veterinary, medical, optometry, and dentistry industries. Weave’s HIPAA-compliant features are designed to help streamline business operations, including collecting customer reviews, getting paid faster, keeping schedules full, and automating manual tasks. 

Client Reviews 

  • Clients found Weave’s built-in two-way texting features easy to use and a convenient way to communicate with patients. These processes enabled them to improve their services.
  • In some cases, it was impossible for us to answer all customer calls. Weave gave us the ability to text callers that we will get back to them soon to reduce customer frustration.

#17 Grade.us

Grade.us is a white-label review management platform that is used by marketers and agencies. The platform provides a suite of tools for users to generate customer reviews, monitor these reviews across third-party review sites, and even market these reviews to reach a broader audience. Additionally, Grade.us allows small business owners to respond to negative reviews and recover customers. 

Client Reviews

  • Our clients love the Grade.us’s copy/paste widget, which allows them to streamline their reviews on both websites and social media accounts.
  • With the help of Grade.us, our clients can now manage hundreds of clients across different locations within a single dashboard.

#18 Score My Reviews

Score My Review is an innovative review and reputation management software for small and medium-sized businesses in the construction industry. They offer an easy-to-use and automated interface that allows business owners to collect authentic customer reviews with ease. Companies that use Score My Review can now manage their reviews in one platform and will receive automated notifications anytime customers leave a new review.

Client Reviews 

  • Score My Review has allowed our clients to seamlessly review all requests via automated SMS text and email campaigns.
  • Clients have started to earn more reviews on popular sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp, and more.

#19 ClearlyRated

ClearlyRated.com is a leading service quality research platform. In addition to featuring star ratings on their profiles, users can also display their ratings in search results. This data can be pulled directly from their company’s client satisfaction survey. Clients who respond to these surveys rate their services providers based on the Net Promoter® scale. ClearlyRated then oversees these responses and translates them from numerical values into five-star ratings. These stars automatically populate the small business’ ClearlyRated.com profile in real time.

Client Reviews 

  • Clients were satisfied to know that survey respondents also had the ability to leave testimonials about their products and/or services.
  • ClearlyRated also serves as a unique resource for buyers looking for resources about Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), staffing, and more.

#20 Oggvo

Oggvo offers proprietary software tools that help small businesses grow and nurture their reputation. Business owners can now automate their review acquisition efforts across multiple platforms. In addition to streaming one’s best reviews directly to their social media profiles and websites, users also receive easy-to-understand, monthly reports that feature actionable insights.

Client Reviews

  • Oggvo allows our clients to track all of their reviews in one place, which makes it easy to encourage positive ones and rectifying problems with unhappy customers.
  • Small business owners can send gentle reminders to customers to leave reviews on their preferred sites via print, text, and email.

#21 Vendasta

Vendasta provides reputation management solutions for small- and medium-sized B2B companies. Telecoms, publishers, marketing agencies, banks, and broadcasters utilize Vendasta to manage their client accounts, automate their marketing efforts, and offer best-of-breed solutions to their target audiences. Vendasta’s dashboard is designed to allow SMB clients to easily monitor improvements and better manage their business’ online presence.

Client Reviews 

  • Clients can access Vendasta’s extensive network of 14,000+ channel partners.
  • SMBs improved their ROI, combat churn, and reduce their customer acquisition costs (CAC) in the modern ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) landscape.

#22 Grab Your Reviews

Grab Your Reviews is a reputation management software that helps businesses streamline social media monitoring and customer review collection. The platform notifies users when they receive new reviews, provides tools to share feedback across social media channels, and generates reports for trend and performance analyses. Last but not least, Grab Your Reviews allows professionals to request reviews from customers via text, MMS messages, or email. 

Client Reviews

  • Grab Your Reviews offers an easy-to-use command center that facilitates quick reponses to customer feedback.
  • Our clients loved the idea of involving their staff members in the review collection process.

#23 JustReview

Customer reviews are important for building social proof of equity, but they go to waste if a company does not know they exist. JustReview is an excellent tool for collecting reviews about your brand online. When a new review pops up, small business owners can immediately embed them on their websites via customized widgets.

Client Reviews

  • Clients in the service industry can seamlessly embed customer reviews from their Google and Facebook profiles.
  • eCommerce companies can embed client reviews Allegro, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy without any hassle.

#24 ReviewFlowz

ReviewFlowz is a reputable review management software used to receive and track customer reviews on business’ Slack channels. Users can easily access all of their past and future reviews as well as filter or analyze review generation efforts by date, platform, keyword, or star rating. ReviewFlowz is undoubtedly one of the most reliable cross-platforms for review management reporting.

Client Reviews

  • It only took a few minutes for our customer service team to set up a widget to manage reviews we wanted to show.
  • Our business can now manage all negative feedback and analyze customer sentiment in one platform.

#25 SOCi

SOCi is a reputation management software designed for small businesses operating in multiple locations. Business owners can employ a more proactive approach to maintaining a positive reputation online. Local, regional, and corporate team members conveniently address all social engagements and customer reviews in one platform. By delivering prompt responses that clients expect, small businesses can improve their online reputation over time.

Client Reviews

  • SOCi provides tons of actionable insights about our online reviews. Our team was able to efficiently identify emerging sentiment trends and analyze shifts in our online reputation.
  • With the help of SOCi, our social media managers found it easier to monitor our accounts’ activities and track every action taken on reviews.

#26 Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved is a cloud-based review management solution that collects, manages, and promotes reviews and ratings from a business’ online customers. Business owners can create and display widgets on their websites, which feature specific reviews they want to show. Additionally, Shopper Approved automatically generates landing pages based on the user’s latest product and service reviews. These pages are then spidered by major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Client Reviews

  • Shopper Approved has not only helped me manage my reviews well, but it has also opened up new keyword opportunities for our business.
  • Our team had an enjoyable time using Shopper Approved to solicit reviews and contact clients to fix customer service issues.

#27 Chekkit

Chekkit is a cloud-based reputation management software that small service-oriented businesses use for sentiment analysis, review monitoring, and response management. The online solution allows brokers, chiropractors, dentists, etc., to handle negative feedback and track business procedures via a variety of built-in management tools. 

Client Reviews

  • We found that it is significantly easier to respond to different customer queries by adding Chekkit’s live-chat widget to our company’s website.
  • While managing our company’s reviews, our team used the opportunity to capture leads as Chekkit saves our website visitors’ names and contact information.

#28 EyeRate

EyeRate is a customer communication platform for improving a business’ reputation, overall customer experience, and providing employee incentives. Small business owners who incentivize their employees to get positive social mentions were able to increase their productivity at work. It is a win-win situation!

Client Reviews

  • Our company has a comprehensive view of what customers are saying across all marketing channels, including social media profiles and review sites.
  • Long-term usage of EyeRate has helped us attract new customers and increase customer retention.

#29 Nicereply

Nicereply is a customer experience management solution for small businesses to improve customer satisfaction and request feedback via email. Customers can then rate and comment on the emails sent by users, through the easy-to-use customer service application. Net Promoter® Score, Customer Effort Score, and Customer Satisfaction are several metrics that Nicereply measures.

Client Reviews

  • Previously, our company had a hard time understanding why we were losing customers or not receiving enough feedback. Nicereply has helped us address the root cause of these issues.
  • In addition to improving our products and services, we also increase the quality of our company’s support department.

#30 ClientCircle

ClientCircle provides sales, marketing, and communications tools for insurance agencies to streamline their customer journey management efforts. Small businesses can review popular topics that customers mention in their feedback and track how their Net Promoter® Score changes over time. With ClientCircle, businesses can improve their products, services, and customer support based on these reviews.

Client Reviews

  • ClientCircle is a useful tool for our company to evaluate our customer service performance.
  • ClientCircle is run by a professional staff members who are friendly and easy to work with. They provided prompt responses whenever we have technical questions about ClientCircle’s review management features. 

Why Use Online Review Management Software for Your Business?

An online review management software can provide tons of benefits for your company across different areas of your business. While the main role of an online review management platform is to collect and interpret customer feedback, these reviews can also help organizations improve their customer experiences and increase a company’s online presence by ranking higher on search engines.

Small businesses that often rely on word of mouth, online reviews, feedback, and online reputation must consider reliable review management software to improve their traffic and sales. With the help of review management solutions, your business can certainly ensure a positive customer experience while improving SEO altogether.