3 Defining Content Marketing Trends In 2014 And Predictions For 2015

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content


Content marketing is used to create and distribute relevant content to an audience base to boost branding and drive profitable customer action. Today, content marketing shows no signs of slowing down as a good way to reach the discerning audience, especially those online. More than ever before, businesses are performing content marketing regularly to promote their brands and attract potential clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the defining trends in the niche of content marketing for 2014 and our predictions for 2015:

More B2B Companies are Doing Content Marketing

Research showed that the percentage of B2B marketers doing content marketing  grew from 91% to 93% in 2014. This means more businesses recognize that their overall marketing campaign must include content marketing. In the past, it was common to see articles written about content marketing and its importance, but now the web is producing more articles that emphasize developing strategies for content marketing. In fact, nearly half of B2B marketers report that they now have a documented content strategy.

Predictions for 2015:

B2B companies will be investing more into content marketing as well as develop higher quality content to establish themselves as industry leaders and credible authorities. Because social media is seen as a powerful tool to reach potential clients, these B2B companies will utilize social media sites even more in 2015 to engage their audience with quality content.

There is More Interest in Automation of Content Marketing

78% of B2B marketers say that they are creating more content than before. It follows that an increased demand will lead people to find ways to automate the process of content creation for marketing. Having a platform in place to use content to capture new leads and convert them to sales customers is certainly an alluring idea, and that is why there is more interest to develop automation systems to aid content marketing.

Predictions for 2015:

While some have succeeded in automating content marketing such as HubSpot, others will fail miserably like My Blog Guest if Google’s algorithm thinks this automatically created content is toying with their algorithms. That is why for 2015 we predict that there will be even more effort to effectively automate content marketing. For scalability purposes, more people will seek to find a balance between quantity and quality as well as develop new tools to achieve this balance, but we think that many of these attempts will hit a brick wall.

The Key to Successful Marketing Lies in Mobile Content Marketing

Though many businesses say that they know the importance of having mobile friendly content, only a handful of them have implemented mobile SEO practices. With the introduction of Google Hummingbird, it is more important than ever to invest in mobile content marketing. Some of the mobile SEO tasks you can do include:

  • Implementing responsive design for tools and content
  • Creating a mobile app
  • Developing a mobile version for your website
  • Using scalable infographics

Predictions for 2015:

More businesses will use mobile SEO services. More and more people are doing searches on the go and this will influence businesses to enhance their mobile content marketing strategies, and invest in mobile SEO practices.