12 Best Shopify Post-Purchase Survey Apps For E-Commerce Businesses


At SmartSites, we understand how important it is for today’s eCommerce brands to utilize customer data for better personalization. With a post-purchase survey app, you can better understand how your customers feel about your products and capture valuable insights into how to market to them in the future. 

Why Should eCommerce Businesses Use Post-Purchase Survey Apps?

For eCommerce businesses, post-purchase surveys are an essential tool to have in their repertoire. They provide invaluable information that can be used for the following:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Support customer loyalty
  • Understand your customer more 

We’ve put together a list of what we feel are the best post-purchase survey options for online brands. 

1. Fairing

For eCommerce businesses, this post-purchase survey app is as good as it gets! This top-of-the-line app can provide more actionable insights weekly than you’ll get in a year from other survey tools. You be able to expedite business decisions and, as a result, gain a competitive edge using their zero-party data platform.

Fairing Is Our Choice of Top Shopify Post-Purchase Survey Apps for eCommerce Businesses

To build zero-party data advantages for their users, Fairing utilizes over 2500 DTC brands. Some of these include Our Place, Caraway, Lively, FIGS, PrettyLitter, CrossRope, Perfect Keto, Mark Weldon, and many more.

Rather than waiting six months, in six seconds, you can streamline your customer’s journey. Using API requests, partner workflows, or custom-built integrations, you can send your survey data anywhere.

Here are the top five reasons why we believe that Fairing is the leading app for post-purchase surveys:

  1. Survey data at speed and scale.
  2. Marketing attribution and channel expansion.
  3. The use of an always-on data stream, “Question Stream.”
  4. Fairing works anywhere; custom integration or one-click ins. It’s integrated to upskill your marketing stack. 

It’s admirable for businesses to say, “We let our customers do the talking.” But you have to accurately determine what it is they have to say before you can act on it. Fairing can help you accomplish that goal.

2.  Triple Whale

Triple Whale is a reliable analytics platform that equips eCommerce businesses with real-time insights and the ability to predict future trends. One of the key features of Triple Whale is its seamless integration of post-purchase surveys. These surveys provide golden opportunities for eCommerce businesses to delve deeper into their customer preferences. This data helps them fine-tune their marketing strategies and boost their return on investment (ROI). By making the most of Triple Whale’s all-inclusive suite of tools, businesses can fully harness their data’s potential and pave the way for long-lasting growth in the highly competitive eCommerce sector.

Key features of Triple Whale include:

  • Post-purchase surveys integration
  • Comprehensive social media analytics
  • Real-time customer and business insights

#3 Neowauk Email & Survey Popup

Get  better traction in attracting existing and new customers to your website. Increase conversion rates, reduce abandoned carts, host unique promotions, and get feedback.

This freeapp offers the following features:

  • Survey spring up
  • Notifications spring up
  • Email subscribe spring up

4. Free NPS Survey Feedback Poll

This easy-to-use software helps you improve and measure customer loyalty. Analyze feedback, send NPS surveys, and take action with NPS.

This app offers the following features at no charge:

  • Actionable insights
  • One-click installation, but doesn’t require any styling
  • Fast response rates

5. Fyrebox Quizzes

Over  850 leading brands use this app to make infographics, reports, interactive quizzes, and more. You can  drive more engagement andeasily design and publish interactive comments – no code required.

This free  offers the following features:

  • Match design with your store
  • Integrate with others
  • Create leads from your test

6. Enquire Post Purchase Survey

This app, takes  you down a  unique path of personalization. You’ll be able to use post-purchase surveys for personalization, CRO, and attribution.

Starting at $10 a month, this app offers the following:

  • Turnkey review plan
  • Immediate attribution information
  • Two-step questions

7. Grapevine PostPurchase Survey

Use this app to easily and quickly gather zero-party data, build surveys, and gain customer insights.

This free app offers the following features:

  • High response rates for surveys
  • Analysis of survey income
  • Customizable survey questions

8. Customer.guru Net Promoter NPS

With this easy to set up a tool, you can track customer satisfaction using “Net Promoter Score”.

This app is free , and offers the following features:

  • Product audits and testimonials
  • 10 times more reactions
  • You can install it and begin following your client within 30 seconds

9. DeepMarkit

This free platform helps businesses  easily  list and track carbon credits.

It offers the following features:

  • Social media promotions
  • Game-based promotions
  • Email collection displays

10. Survey & Poll | Feedback Forms

With so many free apps on the market, some businesses are hesitant to pay a fee. However, this app has its positive attributes.

Starting at $8.99 a month, this app offers the following features:

  • Custom polls and votes
  • Survey and poll dashboard
  • Study form for feedback

11. Zigpoll Survey & Form Popup

Using interactive polls and forms, email capture campaigns, and post-purchase surveys, you can collect zero-party data.

This free app offers the following features:

  • Match your style
  • Grow and sync your email list
  • Streamline your conversion rate

12. Post Purchase Surveys

Directly from your customers, you will be able to build a proprietary zero-party dataset.

This free app offers the following services: 

  • Useful reports 
  • Customer surveys
  • Fast and easy setup 

Want to Improve Your Customers’ Post-Purchase Experience?

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