The Benefits Of Running Bing Ads

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Assistant Director of Content

The Benefits Of Running Bing Ads

If you are serious about increasing traffic to your website, then ads are going to be a major influence on how you achieve this. Unfortunately, many people waste thousands of dollars each year on ads that have a very low chance of converting into leads. On the other hand, you will find that a few spend less than average on ads, but then end up getting amazing return on investments. The difference between these two groups is in the approach to buying and using ads, as well as their attitude towards some types of ads. For example, some people think that Bing is not a very popular search engine, and therefore investing in their ads is not a good idea. This is usually a major error in judgement. Some of the reasons why you should consider using Bing Ads include:

It Gives You Access to A Third of U.S. Consumers

Research shows that Bing ads reach 33% of American consumers, a fact that is lost on many online traders. This translates to more than 160 million unique searches, and a goldmine of potential leads for any business.

Enjoy Simplicity

Using Bing Ads has been made very simple, even if you currently run other ads such as AdWords. Once you decide to take the plunge, it will take you only a couple of minutes to sign up and get your Bing ads running. Of course, you still need to adhere to the basic principles of using such ads if you are to fully benefit from them.

Keyword Research Is a Breeze

Bing ads provides a product known as Bing ads Intelligence, which is a downloadable app providing real-time information regarding keywords you have chosen. This includes important metrics such as clickthrough rates and impressions. This is very important information when setting up the ad campaign, and also when assessing its performance.

It’s Easy to Get Help When You Need It

When running an ad campaign, sometimes you may need to clarify a few issues with a human being rather than getting the information from an FAQ site or a how-to page. Our staff members are well-versed in using Bing ads, so you can trust that any information you get from them will be reliable. Reaching them is also very easy so you stand no frustration of having to wait too long.

You’re Assured of Reaching A Global Audience

Though the search engine itself may not be well known all over the world, you can be sure that Bing ads will give you a global presence both on desktop devices and on mobile devices. Your potential customer reach is basically unlimited.

Availability of Actionable Data

Bing ads excels at providing actionable data that many other ad providers don’t. these include industry data, device and location information for all their ads. This information is only a click away and will help to shape your ad campaign easily.

Excellent Return on Investment

The gold standard of determining the quality of a marketing program is the return on investment. With Bing ads, you are assured of excellent returns making investing in the marketing plan a good idea. There is historical information to prove this.

You Can Get Industry Insights

To help you on how to plan your marketing campaign, Bing ads provides industry insights. This is an overview of the fundamentals of specific industries, down to the geographical level. This can come in very handy in helping you pick a winning marketing strategy.

Utilize a Simple User Interface

Once you are set up with Bing ads, you will definitely want to keep track of how your ads are doing. Rather than bombarding you with a lot of information that you may not understand, Bing ads has a user interface which is clean and easy on the eye. It provides all the basic information at the touch of a button, and also offers more detailed information about specific elements of your ad campaign if needed.

You Get Traffic from a Wide Range of Quality Sites

Since firms like Apple and Amazon use the Bing engine to power their own searches, you can be assured that the traffic to Bing ads will not be of low quality. The leads are usually more likely to convert into sales or other actions, which is why Bing ads has a high ROI.