What is mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is search engine optimization with the goal of increasing visibility and conversions from mobile searches. Mobile SEO strategy is similar to traditional SEO. Certain factors that improve user experience when using a smartphone are more emphasized when determining search ranking than they are for non-mobile browsers.

How mobile SEO works?

Much like other types of SEO, mobile SEO involves various on-site and off-site optimizations. Optimizing a website for mobile users means certain technical requirements are even more important like page speed, concise titles and meta descriptions, and mobile-friendly design.

Why mobile SEO is important?

Search engines have begun to actively favor mobile-friendly websites. Sites that are not mobile optimized are pushed lower in search rankings, and since search on smartphones shows fewer results at once than desktop, your website could be pushed well below the fold. Additionally, a poorly optimized site will convert fewer mobile users who would otherwise purchase your products or services.

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