What are Product Listing Ads?

Product listings ads appear when someone searches for your products. These ads are displayed in an ad format and include information like title, price, image, and the store’s name. They can be shown alongside text search results or in the shopping engine when users search for related keywords.

How do Product Listing Ads Work?

When a user enters a search relevant to a product in your store, your product listing will be displayed. A product feed is essentially a data file with all your products’ information so you can control which products are shown. Once you link your product feed to the shopping engine, your products will be searchable.

Why Product Listing Ads?

Product listing ad campaigns automate promoting your products. E-commerce sites can get a high ROI as product listing ads are inexpensive, automated, and highly visible. When users search for your product, it will be displayed and facilitate buying it right then and there. We ensure that your product listing campaigns are properly designed and implemented in addition to continually optimizing them for maximum performance.

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