What is Display Advertising?

Display ads are an incredibly powerful component of an effective PPC campaign. Display advertising visually advertises your business, products, and services and you can place ads on a wide variety of sites. Images, text, video, and interactive ads are all supported, so driving conversions and engaging future customers is only limited by your creativity.

Why Use Display Advertising?

In addition to driving conversions and sending future customers to your website, display ads promote brand awareness and brand recognition. Much like paid search marketing, display marketing is highly targetable. You can hone in on specific geographic areas, and selectively advertise to people within your target demographic.

How Do I Start Display Advertising?

An effective display advertising campaign relies on extensive keyword research, competitor research, lead tracking, performance analysis, and constant optimization. Display advertising in particular needs compelling, well-designed creative. PPC agencies have access to the tools, talent, and resources necessary to plan, implement, and perfect display advertising campaigns.

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