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we make trustworthy medical websites.

  • We construct medical websites to convery trust and reliability.
  • We market medical websites and get them to the top of search engines.
  • We make it easy for medical professionals to keep their website up-do-date.


Real Smile

Real Smile establishes its online presence with a professional website design and search engine optimization.

  • Clean & professional website layout
  • First page rankings for local keywords
  • Increase in total site traffic by 263%
Real Smile

Ethos Spa

Ethos Spa performs more beauty treatments with an exquisite new web design, search engine optimization, and a Google Adwords campaign.

  • Average time on site from 2:26 to 3:30
  • Increase in total site traffic by36%
  • Organic search traffic increase of 817%
Ethos Spa

Dr. Gerstman Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Gerstman sees an increase in bookings after a website redesign, search engine optimization, and a Google Adwords campaign.

  • Increase in organic search traffic by 301%
  • Boost in average time on site from 1:17 to 4:49
  • Increase in Adwords click-through rate by 218%
Dr. Gerstman Aesthetic Medicine


SmartSites has been providing multiple services to me for the past year. I have been very pleased with the services SmartSites has done for me from website creation, link building, and SEO. Ultimately this has led to several top 3 positions in major online directories such as Google. This is of tremendous value because 70% of my clients are referred from internet searches. One of my service offerings has almost doubled and the return on investment has been at least 5 fold.

I am very pleased with the professionalism, caliber of work, and attentiveness to my needs. I highly recommend them to any business looking to establish an internet presence as well as stand above their competition.

-Dr. Hardik Soni, M.D., Ethos Spa

Hardik Soni

I knew there was something that needed to be done with my online presence but I was challenged with what my primary focus should be. SmartSites was able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Michael spent time with me understanding who I wanted my target audience to be. This way, we were able to build a new website and created a strong online presence. Working with SmartSites was extremely beneficial for my practice and I would highly recommend them.

-Dr. Leonid Rubinov DDS PhD, Real Smile Dental

Dr Rubinov

I found SmartSites while looking for a reliable team to do my online marketing. I work in a highly competitive market in the NYC area and finding someone dependable who can great results is not easy. Not only did a find a team of young professionals who were competent in SEO, but also found a team to handle my entire online presence. From designing a new website to match the aesthetics of my spa, to handling my SEO, and managing my PPC campaigns, I couldn't be happier.

-Dr. Leslie Gerstman, M.D., Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Leslie


Establish Trust and Reputability

An effective medical website should showcase areas of specialty and expertise. Successful websites incorporate features specific to the medical specialist's respective practice. Testimonial pages highlight physician competence during consultation and procedure. At SmartSites, we incorporate before and after pages that illustrate your accomplishments, a list of accepted insurances, and comprehensive background information on the facility and its physicians. Patients can feel assured that specific medical needs and concerns will be addressed by experts.

Display Clear Contact Information

Placing your phone number in a visible location on your website makes it easy for patients to reach you at a moment's notice and increases the possibility that you will receive a call. Phone numbers are generally inserted in the top-right corner of each page. Adding your address to the footer allows patients to find the help they need right away, without extensive searching. We guarantee that your contact information is conveniently displayed.

Download Easily Accessible Patient Forms

Like every great doctor, exceptional medical websites make their patients' lives easier. Having the convenience of essential online forms helps to expedite patient wait time before an appointment. We ensure that the check-in process is smooth and efficient, and that your forms will be accessible for viewing on a computer as well as on mobile devices.

Book Appointments Online

Patients need a fast and reliable way to book a doctor's appointment, especially during time sensitive or urgent medical needs. By integrating appointment booking with ZocDoc or a similar online service on a medical website, scheduling an appointment becomes convenient and efficient.

Location, Location, Location

It is important for patients to be able to easily find your business. Listing all of your office locations with an accurate image and step-by-step instructions on your website is helpful for patients who need directions to your office. We will implement Google Maps on your website so that your patients save time and energy searching for directions online.

Implement SEO Best Practices

Having a strong online reputation is of utmost importance to increase revenue and visibility. SmartSites understands the need for your medical website to stand out. Our websites utilize SEO best practices to guarantee that your business is seen and promoted across your target area. Providing separate detailed pages for each of the services offered allows for better targeting on each search. The use of relevant keywords in your pages will help your medical practices acquire more leads.

Increase Social Media Popularity

Through regular postings on blogs and social media, your business will stay relevant and popular. Gaining exposure on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube will help produce a loyal following that your business can rely on. Social media users are quick to publicly endorse your business, which further exposes your brand via their network. Endorsements generate social proof and garner trust in new patients. We build your social media platforms and seamlessly integrate them into your web presence to help facilitate social activity.

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