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Lucius Precious Metals moves money quicker and meets the needs of Gold/Silver investors with live-market pricing and new website.

LPM is one of Asia's largest and most trusted Precious Metal Retailers. They carry a wide range of products including, but not limited to, newly- released silver coins, gold bullion, certified coins, and the most innovative collectible numismatic issues.

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The Challenge

LPM came to SmartSites with a host of requests. They needed live-market pricing for their Hong Kong-based company. Incorporating two currencies and two languages into the new site was crucial, as was the integration of a custom- coded, Magento-based credit card processor for use in the Hong Kong market. Additionally, SmartSites had to seamlessly incorporate the collectibles side of the business into core bullion dealership.

The Plan

  • Design and build a new website in 2 languages that supports 2 currencies.
  • Custom code and design a credit card processing solution with Magento for the Hong Kong market.
  • Integrate live market pricing to the new website.
  • Continuously update the site when new bullion collectibles appear on the market.
  • Incorporate remarketing in an aggressive PPC campaign.
  • Run an ongoing link building & content writing strategy to consistently increase site traffic.
  • Increase in Organic Site Traffic 45.93%
  • Increase in total site traffic 45.91%
  • Increase in time on site 23%
Lucius Precious Metals Website Design Before and After Preview
Lucius Precious Metals
Lucius Precious Metals
Lucius Precious Metals

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