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League Lineup helps more sports teams effectively market their leagues through development of niche website builder.

League Lineup is an industry leader in sports website technology and management. They provide an easy, fast, and free solution to building websites for sports organizations of any kind. Teams, clubs, and leagues can now rest easy knowing that there is an online outlet for their Youth and Amateur endeavors.

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The Challenge

League Lineup wanted to help youth and amateur clubs and teams build their own sports-oriented websites. They sought to highlight a lot of different, unique types of sports and activities. In this competitive space, standing out proved challenging. Furthermore, integrating the League Lineup internal team (handling the backend functionality) with the SmartSites team for the front end and marketing initiatives, was another hurdle to overcome.

The Plan

  • Focus on lesser-known sports that competitors often overlook.
  • Integrate frontend and backend communication.
  • Securely transfer information between internal League Lineup team and SmartSites team.
  • Translate development language from internal ASP platform to WordPress.
  • Optimize and manage Social Media platforms.
  • Plan out and post featured 'League of the Week' and 'Tip of the Week' on Social Media Platforms.
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